Being a Thread Killer. What went wrong?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Red Rain, Jul 13, 2014.

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  1. Have you ever created a thread, or jumped in a thread hoping to keep the buzz going?
    Sometimes a thread is on its last legs and you realize it. You jump in and it dies.
    You have a good take, but nobody bites. Why is that?

    We're all aware that sometimes our points just aren't that good.
    What are some of the reasons a thread dies? Is it because the last post killed it?
    What did the last post do to kill it?

    I'll start. Sometimes a post really does cap it and there's nothing left to be said. Often, I see a WTF type of post and I don't have the banter for it.

    On the other hand, a troll can save threads. I won't mention names, but JeebaK was a f***ing legend. If you don't know the cat, search him and read his posts. Classic. Are trolls necessary to save a thread?
  2. Better question; who gives a fuck bruh?
  3. I do. I care. Boosting activity is one of my objectives.
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  4. Sometimes we just don't notice, your thread may just slip through the cracks.
  5. That's a new one. I wasn't just talking about me, by the way. I look at the sports section, where D'Z created a thread and no one bit.
    I'm not speaking for that cat, but it just occurred to me. Being the last post in a thread doesn't always feel so great.
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. For the last time, I care. I was legitimately curious why threads suddenly stop and Snowman was the only person who gave me any resemblance of an intelligent answer.
    I've seen well thought out posts from users, which never get rebuttals I was curious to find why that might be.
  8. JC, everyone's got their own reasons for not replying to the threads and each thread is a different scenario. Sometimes I'll see a reply on mobile and say "I'll get to this later" and then don't, a lot of times I've made my point and don't have much to add in response to your response, sometimes I don't like spamming threads since I always avoid being the right side on the home page (unless it's an LD) but it's never YOUR post that drove me away, specifically, and I don't see how anything anyone else would say it is. Why would it be?

    Most people here simply don't care about any threads BLFFL doesn't make anyway. If nothing else you're good for the forum, looking back on this place in 2012 when @Crayo was making a new thread every day, everything was exciting, now in the WS you rarely even get new threads. You being the person who makes quality threads about random wrestling topics is someone this forum needs even if you won't get the respect for it.
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  9. Very cool.
    Sometimes I'll see Lockard make a post and the thread dies. It confuses me because he's one of the most most knowledgeable posters on the site. I've seen Aids kill threads, too.
    You don't want to spam and I get that. Things were exciting then. I hate seeing an intelligent post kill a thread without wondering why it happened.
    Not wanting to spam is the best answer, I've gotten that kills threads. I can live with that answer.
  10. One other thing to remember is that this place has always been more about the community than content. Many people found many new friends here, and as many good threads as we've had throughout the years, my favorite day on here had to be @Aids Johnson, @Shadow, GN82, myself, and the spirit of Testify going crazy in the last TNA LD we were in together, where like the last quarter of the show we were talking about how Shadow is an amazing Asian because he can cook a mean batch of Ramen.
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  11. The thing that irks me over the last few months is how inactive the LDs have become... when I first joined it was a lot of fun and there were always 5-10 people chatting... then came the WW merge and the site crashing ever PPV and most RAWs as well and the LD just died.. for some reason it just hasn't revived yet... there are maybe 4 or 5 people at most who still frequent it.

    Pretty sad actually.
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  12. I don't reply to a thread if I have nothing to say/add to the last comment or the OP.
    It is better to just leave it then take the thread OT and ruin in. lol
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  13. I would join in on it but my internet sucks and I don't watch much wrasslin right now. I have been in a few of them though thanks to @Dat Kid tagging me with insults.
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  14. No one on here watches wrestling really
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  15. Thread/Buzz killer - BFFL, defintely. She's the reigning champ.
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  16. You should have tagged @Testify to see if @Testify remembers it too.

    That was a funny/awesome LD.
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  17. The way Shadow brought up the Ramen and we all marked, you'd think dude was getting Michelin stars for his ability to use the microwave.
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  18. I do no such thing!
  19. Depends on the thread and how off topic the last post is maybe? I dunno, I post when I want where I want. If I didn't post on something you did, its nothing personal.
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  20. If i did it on your thread or anyone's thread for that matter. I am sorry.

    I just as Trip said post to what I want where I want and maybe I don't take that into consideration as well as I should.
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