Ben Affleck rubbing fans the wrong way!

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    Legit laughed at this article. People are legit pissed that Ben is smoking and letting himself get out of shape. He has til this fall. They are gonna push back filming if they pushed back the release date. Even if they do still film this May/Summer... This article could be fake. I don't remember him being that fat in like the 3rd pic.
  2. he was the bomb in Phantom yo
  3. Man I know this role is worth millions to him but he's gonna get so much grief for the next few years he best learn to laugh it off.
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  4. This is where the commitment of Bale bites people in the ass.
  5. Even if he is, Jeez. whatever happened to us being in control of our own bodies?
  6. Didn't Bale change his physique from super skinny to the batbod in under a year?
  7. Most recent photo of Ben
    [​IMG] I guess he's getting a little chunkier but I believe that he can slim that shit down.
  8. He's kind of scaring me though. I am all for Batfleck.
  9. Yep.
  10. That's easily fixable. Actors have done more drastic changes in less time. Also, isn't the idea of the movie that Bruce is supposed to be older and possibly even having stopped being Batman? Wouldn't it then make sense for him to let himself go a bit?
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