Benoit Tribute Thread

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  1. Chris Benoit was an amazing superstar and wrestler. I really wish he was still around to give us a good show. Benoit was and is, among the greatest legends in the WWE and WWF.

    Here are a few videos of Benoit

    Did you guys lie Benoit? What did you think of him?

  2. Great wrestler & performer. Just can not forgive him for what he done outside the ring.
  3. @[Crayo], what do you mean? Like what he did to his family and kids?
  4. Yes. Despicable.
  5. Yeah it was despicable, but he was hard on steroids. That stuff really messes with your mind. Oh, by the way, do you like the auto-play theme song I posted too? It makes the thread so much better :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. It doesn't auto-play because of the image plugin we have :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Whether he was on steroids or not, it was bad. Nothing can condone his actions for me anyway, unless he's proven innocent. He'll never get into the HoF either.
  7. The video doesn't auto-play, but the sound does, for me anyways.

    When you're on steroids, you can't control your actions anymore because the steroids are controlling your brain. He was hardcore into them too. I'm not saying what he did wasn't wrong, because it clearly was, but the steroids might make it so he can enter the HoF.

    Benoit was always a good guy outside of the WWE. He was much like Cena. When you're on roids though, that's what it does to you It's a shame to see that happen to one of the greatest guys in the WWE and WWF though.
  8. I'm not trying to condone Chris' actions it was a horrible act he committed but he had serious brain damage. He was unaware of his actions imo. The steroids thing seems to be a myth reading this will offer insight He was someone who should have been helped. If you've read Chris Jericho's book ''undisputed'' specifically one of the final chapters entitled Benoit it would be more and more clear how the death of Eddie emotionally destroyed Benoit.

    Back to the performer. I find chris to be the best in ring performer who ever lived. A few examples of his work which I loved his match with Owen in Japan ,the legendary match with Bret in WCW and his matches with Jericho specifically the ladder match. Not to mention what I class as the most emotional moment in wrestling history at Wrestlemania 20.

    The match with Owen :

    The match with Bret :

    The match with Jericho
  9. @[seabs], Benoit is the 2nd best in-ring performer imo. I honestly think Orton is better, and so less pedictable..
  10. Good post, generally didn't know that. If he did suffer brain damage, that definitely lessens the story's horror-feel to it, but it's still not something you see in every single brain-damaged patient in the world. As for the HoF RKO, trust me, he'll never get there. WWE have never mentioned him purposely on TV since the news broke of what he done.
  11. They havn't mentioned Eddie Guerrero lately either. Has he already been inducted into the HoF?
  12. He's already been inducted yes.
  13. From reports made by experts in the field Benoit seemed to have had serious mental issues. Which is understandable when you factor in the nature of his move set, which included alot of suplexs, diving headbutts and suicide dives. Plus you've got to factor in the amount of unprotected chair shots he took. He wasn't a regular person with brain damage it seems to have been very severe. Plus the issues affect everyone a differing way some can, as stupid as it sounds cope with the distress better then others. It also seems like the severe depression he suffered from Eddie's death may have been what caused him to lose sense of his rational thoughts.
  14. Think you mean Eddie's death but yeah I see your point. But still, I personally can't fully condone his actions ever; but that does not stop me admitting that he probably is the best wrestler of all time. His technical ability was unmatched, every match he was in was above average despite his opposition.
  15. So he pretty ,uch had dimentia?

    Thought you said Daniel Bryan was the greatest technical wrestler? :emoji_wink:
  16. That's what my hypothesis would be based upon the research I've seen mixed in with drug abuse and other factors such as years of concussions. As Crayo says it's still an unforgivable act and I can't condone what he did but I believe he wasn't capable of a rational thought at the time of the actions.
  17. At the moment he is yes. All-time it's tough. Benoit v Bryan, fantasy match making right here.
  18. Taker had great technical ability too in his younger days.
  19. Well in a better way you can just say you like the Wrestler not the person.

    Also you really don't know what was going on in his mind. Eddie's death hit him pretty hard.
  20. Death's happen daily, in much harsher circumstances to much closer human beings.