Benoit wrestling debut canceled due to shenanigans, Jericho furious

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, May 8, 2014.

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  2. Pretty sad but hilarious at the same time.
  3. Hart is a Dick if he lied about Benoit being trained.

    Good thing Jericho was on the case and confronted Smith, Something bad could of happened if he was untrained. He should take Regal and Hunter's advice and Go to Storm's Academy, He'll get good training there.
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  4. Smith is such a douche. Him and his get rich quick schemes. He's been pulling shit like this forever. Why anyone would agree to do business with him is beyond me.
  5. Lol, would Benoit be such a draw to the point it's worth doing stuff like this? Couldn't Smith hold it off until the guy got some training, at least? This seems like a fight happening for no good reason.
  6. Damn I have Smith on Facebook as a friend too lol
  7. Y2J > all. Who the fuck gives their kid two last names. Smith Hart, you were born to be discredited.

    "Oh, you have no formal wrestling? Let me cash in on your name for a few hundred dollars extra." Seriously the fucker a heroin addict? What a dipshit, Dont train and his name snags a few hundred dollars, train him and you can make a million. Fuck it, rocks are cheap.
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  8. What an exploitative and shit angle that would be. Wrestling is so cringey sometimes...
  9. Forgive a man for the sins of his father.
  10. @Solid Snake
    Live for yourself and find a new lease on life.
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  11. Missing the first day of school can get you bounced.
    Smith's pretty crooked. It isn't unusual for a crooked promoter to do crooked stuff.
    Kudos to Jericho for being a man of the business.
  12. in what universe is David Benoit a draw? doesn't he weight like 65 lbs?
  13. He's in training with Jericho and David Hart Smith IIRC.
  14. Except he's not.

    He was supposed to be in training with Lance Storm but never showed up. He's done one session with Harry Smith. That's all recorded info of him actually training.
  15. even if he were, which sounds like he is not, he still isn't a draw in any capacity
  16. I disagree. He's still an attraction. It's like checking out a show knowing Charles Manson's kid will be appearing.
    If you knew, for a fact, one of Charles Manson's children were to appear on a popular network, would you not watch?
    Wrestling still a circus and, David Benoit, is still a welcomed a addition.
  17. I disagree.

    If this were Cody Hall we are talking about. sure. he has size, the look, mobility, ect.

    Hearing Scott Hall has a son with those attributes training to become a wrestler is intriguing.

    hearing Benoit's scrawny ass son is going to appear somewhere isn't appealing in any capacity
  18. The Benoit name probably still holds some clout in Canada.

    Also is Cody Hall still a cheap imitation of his dad, Dibiase Jr style?
  19. Yes and yes.

    People probably would come to watch a Benoit out of the freakshow aspect, especially in Canada.

    And ye, Cody is still just doing the "I'm Scott Hall's son schtick" and asking PWG on twitter why he wasn't booked for BOLA. Was pretty lol.
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