Best AdBlocker?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Bort, Nov 2, 2014.

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  1. Okay techmen, what's the best adblocker outthere? I realized AdBlock Plus was slowing my Mozilla down (or whatever the fuck) so I transfered to AdBlock Edge, but I'm such a noob when it comes to configurations.

    What's the best shit outthere?
  2. First, what kind of ads are you experiencing? The one to the side of a page or ones that pop up from corners and over highlighted words?
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  3. Ha, chrome sucks ass.
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  4. On some random pages another window opens up, but that's no biggie, since I don't visit those pages too often. That was AdBlock Plus' fault since I read Google was paying them big money to enable some "important" ads.

    Right now I see no big issues with ABE but i just installed it today, this thread is made for prevention.
  5. Oh ok.

    Sometimes adware is installed under your computer with names like Network Installer in you uninstall list. Pop windows have been occurring a lot on this site as well I recommend uBlock for any Opera users.
  6. Never got it for this site, but before the login there's a recommendation on the top that I should turn off my adblocker or upgrade account, lol.
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  7. It leads me to a Java upgrade site before another page pops up from Opera telling me that it's a malicious site. Not to mention the site telling me to turn off my ad block even though it's always off.
  8. That's put there by us. Ignore it
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  9. Adguard, or just block scripts with noscript .
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  10. The fuck ?
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  11. Can't you just select the ad at the top and block it with adblock?
  12. Just wasn't my cup of juice.
  13. Use Internet Explorer
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  14. I use Netsacpe.
  15. Of course you do
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  16. I do. TeamIE
  17. Yeah, I'd pick IE over Chrome too.
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