Best and worst movesets?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Pop Tatari, Apr 6, 2015.

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  1. Currently in wwe(nxt included)
  2. One of the worst: Cena. This one just came off the top of my head, easily.

    One of the best: Brock. Just powerful and can do like everything just about.
  3. Everyone's movesets are so similar these days. It doesn't seem like anyone really stands out as I sit here thinking about it. I blame ROH. Now everyone has to do a fucking suicide dive. every. single. match.
  4. Well No one else really does sulplexes apart from Brock unless it is a vertical. That's all Brock does so it makes him stand out.

    Cesaro has a pretty call moveset but he is being wasted.

    Ambrose is pretty poor apart from the DDT double arm.

    I agree with you on the suicide dive thing, I like them but it Is very lazy in matches.
  5. Regins is one of the worst that stupid punch and the set up to it. The Samoan drop because he has to use it because of the name is his heritage , just like when Arab wrestlers use the camel clutch. The spear so it is affective because of his size is really just a rugby tackle just bland as fuck. Cena also although he just spams
  6. Seth Rollins, DB, CM Punk, Triple H, Dolph Ziggler. Love all of them.
  7. They could turn the suicide dive frequency down a bit, I'll agree with that.
    Also no moveset really jumps to mind.
  8. Dolph Ziggler and Triple H have pretty dope movesets. Cesaro is also great, specially because other then his finisher and the uppercut he has no saturated moves, he just spams random power-moves and shit.

    I would also say seth rollins, but his move of throwing the guy on the turnbuckle feels weird and out of place to me.
  9. Cesaro probably[​IMG] has the most exciting move-set for me. He has the Big Swing as well as a bunch of different ways of demonstrating his power[​IMG] and strength on his opponents as well as a number of ways of countering their moves into holds or manuevers of his own.

    The worst (at least among the more prominent superstars that matter anyway) other than John Cena (for the obvious reasons) is probably Dean Ambrose. Which is ironic considering he's probably my favorite overall superstar on the show right now, but other than a pretty decent finisher ("Dirty Deeds", aka a double-armed DDT), an occasional suicide dive and the spot where he falls into the ropes then bounces back and hits his opponent with a hard clothesline, he doesn't have anything in his repertoire that particularly stands out. Just mostly a really weak brawling style. Even Austin said on his podcast awhile back that his brawling technique is just gonna box him in as a worker in the long run.
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