Best and worst of the forum

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. This is a thread dedicated to WF. What do you like the most about WF and what do you hate the most?

    Note: No posting users as it will simply result in flame wars. If you have a bromance with a user, PM him or her letting them know how you feel. If you despise a user, use the ignore list feature :pity:

    For example:

    Best - The smileys!

    Worst - The stupid announcement bars.
  2. Best-Group selection

    Worst-Dead Moments :sad:
  3. Best - Legitimate discussion and a healthy amount of staff that gives us a good amount of free will but we know will be there if we need anything
    Worst - Not enough American sports discussion
  4. I will cheat, sorry

    Best: Every person (not naming names, here) who showed support during my downtime and my first taping. The support seemed genuine and not sappy and I carried it with me. Thanks.

    Worst: Anything sports related cause it really irritates me these days. Oh the irony!
  5. Best - The fantastic community it has. We're all a family.
    Worst - No names.
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  6. Better thank you. :jericho:
  7. I'd also like to add that the community here is awesome as well. I've been on forums for quite a long time now and the members of this forum were very welcoming. It just takes a while to get used to how people act around here but it doesn't take much to fit in.
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  8. Best - The people, seeing all you dorks come together into a pretty cool community.

    Worst - :harden: and :sheldor: aren't used enough.
  9. Best-The friendliness and the good vibe around the place.
    Worst-Not enough Middlesbrough fans. :downer:
  10. Best - (Almost) Everyone and everything!

    Worst - Botty reposting.
  11. Best - Really good community, and a very welcoming bunch. Also, a lot of awesome threads.

    Worst- Bit boring at times, wish there were more creative control for creating groups and such, also maybe an expanded Fed-X.
  12. Best: It genuinely feels like everyone could meet up in some kind of fucked up party and have a fantastic time as if we've known each other since we we're all born...

    Worst: See best :jericho:
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  13. :yes:
  14. Groups were bought by the users, but we've stopped selling them for the moment. I agree, I want Fed-X to grow (if that's what you mean), but it takes time.

    Haha, loved this post.
  15. Best: Big Hoss's porn selection

    Worst- Viewing them when the cops are around
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  16. Best - Active forum, alot of us like the same wrestlers.

    Worst - When Crayo attempts a pipebomb. :eww:
  17. My pipebombs are lethal.
  18. I pipebombed you out of an entire section yesterday, suck on that bitch.
  19. best not mikedot

    not best mikedot
  20. Best: sackfists request a smiley threads, and the Lockerroom LQ conversations (at times)

    Worst: discussion threads during live events, as you read maybe 5% of what people are saying, or you aren't paying attention to the event.
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