Best and worst RAW matches 2011?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Coming to an end of this calender year, so what were your best and worst matches of 2011? It's a difficult one, I'll let you guys go first :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  2. We talking ppvs or just the Raw shows here?
    1) John Morrison Vs The Miz falls count anywhere

    2) Cena Vs Rey after Rey won the title

    Not much else smackdown has given the exceptional matched imo.


    Anything involving the divas or David Otunga.
  3. Punk/Cena @ MiTB or HHH/Taker @ WM27.
    Both 5* matches, the only REAL contenders for match of the year.
  4. I've never been to high on HHH / Taker tbh it was abit too much of a finisher fest for me although it did tell a really good story.
  5. I think the HHH vs Taker match is overrated. Taker carries most of the match, no real spots I would say, just kicking out of finishers. Don't get me wrong, like seabs said it did tell a story, the crowd were eating it up, facial expressions were pricess but people sometimes compare it to HBK vs Undertaker which baffles me. Cena vs Punk was exceptional, yet people still seem to think Cena is the worst wrestler on the roster. He's always nominated for MOTY awards, but gets slated for wrestling ability. Anyway, yeah that was one great match.

    Miz vs Bryan I think it was, that's another classic for RAW early this year.

    Cena vs Rey was also great, yet another match Cena is noted for doing well for.
  6. The Cena point is kind of justified imo. He can wrestle when he's allowed to but he resorts to the hulking up tactic for most of his matches. I don't know whether he's being a good employee or he just gets lazy and needs some one such as Punk to give him a good kick up the arse to perform to potential.
  7. Dunno, for me he's booked as the "Superman". He gets beaten down, then last minute comes back and wins. It's that never give up mentality, just like Hogan had. He's booked like that I think, he's definitely not the worst wrestler on the roster, even if he is being lazy (which I doubt). He can do better probably, but I blame WWE not Cena.