Best and worst school trips you went on?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Pop Tatari, Jan 18, 2014.

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  1. Best= Went camping for for three days in my secondary school, just real fun going out of your comfort zone and exploring nature. Played rounders, went climbing.

    Worst= Went to a power station just really dull.
  2. :hmm:

    I honestly don't remember any outside of a trip to the zoo... WHICH I LOVED! #nosurprisethere
  3. Best - Alton Towers and Eurodisney!

    Worst - A local cottonmill as its what my town famous for. Also anything war related not because I dont care but at 14-16 with hormones raging I didn't care. Now it'd be a COOL trip but not then.
  4. Nothing. We dont get any decent ones which you dont need to pay a ton of cash for and even then I dont like the shit they do so I just take the last few days of school which are trip days off.
  5. Best = went to London. Some posh ass hotel and watched Lion King and Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang (fuck typing that) in the theatre thing.

    Worst = some jobber ass farm tour. It's like "bitch please I'm from Cornwall, I know how damn important farms are".
  6. Best because it was first time Crayo saw a car. Lol!
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  7. Hahaha so true. Cars have nothing on our tractors!
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  8. Best- 3 days at the Poconos

    Worst- A farm that had biohazard-labeled buckets everywhere
  9. Worst? :tough:
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  10. Free mutations I'd be rolling round in that stuff getting my X-men on!
  11. Pretty sure they fed that shit to the cows and put it in the soil.
  12. Best= Going to the Atlanta Aquarium when I was in middle school. Penguins<3
    Worst= Going to the school farm in high school, we saw how to castrate a cow, some of us even got to fertilize them if we wanted to, I wasn't one of them.
  13. Best: Cedar Point. I hope you guys have heard of the place, it's the best amusement park in the world.

    Worst: We had a field trip to a bowling alley and all we did was talk about bullying, feelings, and other stuff. People were crying, telling their life stories, and it was just a real downer.
  14. Best: A zoo

    Worst: A park that is walking distance
  15. That would be my worst as well,
    My best was going to Washington D.C. was expensive but very fun indeed.
  16. Best: Poland
    Worst: Every hiking trip, I've been to like five or six, horrible.
  17. I was too much of a rebel and badass to go to any :boss::diaz1:
  18. Went to Florida for band one year, that was fun as hell.

    However, we also went to the MN state fair yearly, and i despised it. I was like 145lbs and carried a huge bass drum.
  19. Best. Sydney.

    Worst. Being One of Four Kids Left In Canberra by mistake.
  20. Best ~ Prison. Helped that the trip ended about an hour before we needed to go back to school so our teacher let us leave the bus, go wherever we wanted and told us to just be back in time for last period. So I want to a local pizza place and then to my house for awhile with my friends before going back to class. Twas awesome.

    Worst ~ Same as Punk's & Sharpy's.
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