best and worst signings so far this season

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  1. Who do you think has been the best and worst summer signings this season so far

    my picks



    ive probably missed out some obvious ones
  2. Spurs didnt have the best of the window like I thought they did at the time. I'll throw in Fellani as one of the worst signings he wasn't what utd needed, they overpaid for him by waiting and he's not the calibre of player they should sign. He'd be top 5 busts of the season IMO.
  3. Yes was waiting for @Crayo to say him lol who would you say had the best summer
  4. Fellaini

  5. Ozil is the signing of the summer he's just given Arsenal that world class touch to them.
  6. Yes plus he gave the team massive boost as the players stepped up there game
  7. Gotta agree with Ozil being the best signing of the summer. Arsenal has really stepped it up since he arrived.
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    Honorable Mention for worst would be Andreas Cornelius but he's been out for a while and only came back in late November/Early December.
  9. You don't say Cornelius is a bad signing yet you put Jovetic on here? He's been injured all year and Man City has the best strike force in the league only rivaled by SAS. Not exactly giving him a chance
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    Oh yeah, I kinda forget about Jovetic's injury.....but Jovetic is a Bad signing since he's been injured and the paid a large amount of money for him....
  11. If he's been injured for half a season its a bad signing lol. You can't be anything else if you don't play.
  12. I honest forget he plays for them at times oslavaldo for s'hampton has been dissapointing too for the fee they paid
  13. No one can say Jovetic is a bad signing, he has been injured all season. When he's healthy he will be a great contribution to an already strong Manchester City squad.
  14. Of course you can, if he rarely plays he can't be anything else lol.
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  15. I rate signings of how well they play, if they're injured I'll wait and see if they're a good or bad signing. But from what I saw during the pre-season (means nothing though) he was really good.
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