Best and worst SmackDown matches 2011?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Made the same thread in RAW section. What were your best and worst matches on SmackDown this year? Personally it'll have to involve Orton since he's had so many, I'll probably say him vs Ziggler I think it was (might of been on RAW...). Them two really did well.

    Oh, and Randy Orton vs Christian, pretty much all of their matches.
  2. 1) Orton vs Christian cage match
    2) Orton Vs Rhodes street fight
    3) Christian ADR Cage match
    4) Bryan vs Rhodes I seem to remember them having decent time at one point
    5) Orton Dolph happened on smackdown at one point i think also.

    Worst would probaly involve the divas but i'm sure if they count lol.
  3. Best: Orton/Christian in a cage.
    Worst: Henry/Bryan in a cage (Henry's fault)
  4. Quite rare for any cage match to be seen as the worst. Your opinion though. I'm going to say any match with Otunga is the worst.