Best and worst wrestler in TNA in 2013

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Dec 31, 2013.

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  1. A simple discussion to wrap up the year for TNA.

    Who was the best performer during the year? Who brought it and delivered?

    Also, who fell flat? Who just didn't deliver in your opinion?
  2. The obvious choices:
    Bully Ray & Chavo

    Digging a little deeper:
    Taryn Terrell before pregnancy and James Storm, who desperately needs a character change.
  3. The best: Bobby Roode.

    The worst I'm not sure on. TNA really hasn't had THAT good of an in-ring year, WWE kicked their ass sideways, Thinking back to all the terrible matches Robbie E and Rob Terry had is a good example, but Terry's.... improving, I guess. Still, I've gotta say Samoa Joe. After how great he used to be watching him now is just sad.
  4. I hate to say it but the TNA quality was in the toilet compared to 2012. I'll be watching/reviewing eps in 2014 most likely so hopefully it picks back up. I don't think I'm wrong when saying it has to start with Aries and Roode. Those two are nonstop quality in and out of the ring.
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  5. Best in 2013:

    1. Bully Ray (this was the best and most successful year of his career. Good job Bully, dare I say this was a 10/10 year for him)
    2. Bobby Roode (this guy.... I have no words to say how awesome this man is. IMO, the best pro wrestler today. The fact TNA booked him to defeat Kirk freakin Angle 3 times in a row also says something)
    3. Austin Aries (2012 was his and Roode's year and every great moment in 2012 was their piece. 2013 not so much, but still a good year for A Double, and he brings it every time)

    HM: AJ Styles, Magnus, Kurt Angle.

    Worst in 2013:
    1. Wes Brisco (I just recently accepted the fact that this guy sucks ass. He has good looks and physique, but that's it. Everything else, crap. I think he's gone from TNA now, and I won't be bitching about it)
    2. Joseph Park (first half of the year he was passable, but as the year went on this character was booked insanely and became a pain in the ass to watch. He went from being funny sympy lawyer to anti-cool, boring, fat sack of sugar)
    3. Samoa Joe (Chavo was bad, but you know something is bad with Joe when he takes #3 instead of Chavo. This was not a good year for Joe, and he has become an embarrassment to watch, phew)

    HM: Chavo Guerrero, Christian York, RVD.
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  6. Best in 2013: Bully Ray, Bobby Roode, Magnus, AJ Styles.

    Worst in 2013: Garret Bischoff, Wes Brisco, Jay Bradley, ECIII (His squash matches made him look weak tbh)
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    - Bully Ray
    - Bobby Roode
    - Gail Kim
    - Bad Influence

    HM: Magnus, AJ Styles, Austin Aries, and Ken Anderson

    - Joesph Park
    - Wes Brisco
    - Samoa Joe
    -Garrett Bischoff

    HM: RVD, Chavo, and Hernandez
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  8. Best:

    Bully Ray, he had the World championship and used the major faction in the company(even if it was past their time) to win it. His promo work is great, his mic skills are awesome and his heel work overall is better than anybody's in WWE and TNA in my opinion. He may not be the best wrestler ever, but in my opinion he's good enough to get number one on here still.


    :hmm: This one is a tough one for me. I think I might just go with Joesph Park though.
  9. Absolutely true. The wrestling this year was really unimpressive in TNA, can't remember very many standout all. Even when there was a hotly anticipated one (rare) it always underdelivered.

    I don't know who's fault it was for the way Austin Aries was used this year, but somebody has to be fired for that. Aries doing absolutely nothing in 2013 is inexcusable. Nobody cares about the Christy Hemme thing that some geek blew out of proportion, every show without Aries on it is simply money thrown away.
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  10. He didn't exactly do nothing as he won the Tag Titles in an awesome moment with Rooooo, plus the X Title twice (one time as Suicide in another great title win) + BFGS Semifinals + remember that great shoot he had on TNA, Chavo, Devon etc. But yeah, compared to 2012, 2013 is at least a level below. That tells you how great 2012 was for AA's career. Not to mention that in last two months, he only appeared twice on IMPACT (vs. Angle, and vs. Sabin, and that's epic fail).
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  11. Best: Hulk Hogan
    Worst: Dixie Carter
    Honorable mention for worst is Jeff Hardy. He is the worst in life.
  12. Gotta agree with those saying Bully as the best. That dude took the ball and ran with it this year apart from a few bumps (that stupid Sabin title win).

    Worst has gotta be Storm, from world champ and possible top face to doing little to nothing of importance in 2013. Wonder if he pissed someone off backstage.

  13. Word got around that he pointed out Dixie Carter's faded looks. He described her as Princess Graybush.
  14. Storm may have been a case of "getting the stink off of him". After he threw a title shot away last November his main-event character was totally destroyed. They had to bring him down to build him back up.
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  15. No way will they ever get the stink off of Bully Ray. His finger has been deep in Dixie Carter's husband Serj's butthole. That smell will simply not wash off.
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