Best and worst wrestler in WWE in 2013

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Dec 31, 2013.

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  1. Same as the thread I made in the TNA section, who was the best and the worst performer in WWE during the year?

    Who delivered and brought it? And who fell flat?
  2. Bryan/Punk
  3. The best is fairly difficult. First one that came to mind was Bryan, but he's been boring thanks to the main-event move loop and other talents outshining him. There's the Shield, who gave us something to look forward to every week and always delivered. But ever since they've started teaming Golden Rhodes have been tearing it up in the ring. They've even outperforming the Shield most nights. Cody's doing great work, but I'll give the nod to Goldust who seems more athletic now than he did back in his "prime". Holy shit that guy's been a joy to watch.

    There's only one candidate for the worst... seriously, how do you have a total of 5 matches with Cena, CM Punk, and Chris Jericho on PPV all in the same year and have them all suck? Ryback gets the nod here.
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  4. Will change my vote for the worst. Eva Marie gets my vote. Is painful to watch her
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  5. The best has to be Cesaro, delivered everytime IMO. Has had great matches this year.

    Worst? Like Rhod said, Eva Marie. She really doesn't know what she's doing, just fire her already.
  6. Cesaro/The Shield would get my vote for the best, since from beginning to the end, they were fun to watch.

    Ryback would have to be the Worst, because I still find him boring to watch and listen too.
  7. Best:
    1.) Brock- I don't care if he is barely around, when he is around he is the fucking best
    2.) Cesaro- Factoring in his NXT matches as well this dude is the best thing going from an in ring perspective
    3.) D Bry- I don't always dig the booking and think WWE overexposes him at times, but he is still a stud

    1.) Ryback- feed me less
    2.) Big Show- bad year even by his recent standards. 1/2 of the worst ME of 2013 by a mile. The crying. dancing new year's baby is just icing on the cake
    3.) Tie between Fandango and Orton. I have no tolerance for either of them.
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  8. Best: CM Punk. The man has put on 5 star PPV matches this entire year. There is something unique about him, though. He has these sequences of moves that go along with all styles of wrestling. Especially in his match with Taker at WM. Best wrestler this year. Honorable Mention: Daniel Bryan.

    Worst: Male: Ryback. A strong superstar with alot of potential. However, most of his matches have been NO DQ matches. They showed his brutrality rather than his wrestling skill. Unfortunately, he's lost almost every one of them. The one PPV win I recall was against Jericho. How did he win? With a roll-up. Heh, roll-ups. That brings me to my next horrible wrestler of 2013. Eva Marie. Need I say more. She's been in tag team matches that try to hide her horrible ability. She tags in, does a hip toss, tags out. All the hype for Eva was undeserving and I hope JoJo is given ore chances than her. Peace out.
  9. Best: Golddust. I've enjoyed everything from that team since they came back, and he just does so many awesome things. I guess i'll have to say this goes from WM-WM, because him vs Cody will be awesome.

    Worst: Ryback. The only thing he did well was when he ran Cena through the stage during their big match, other than that he is just too shitty on the mic, has no charisma, and go pushed way too quickly. Yes, i understand you arent going to have to wait long before a guy that size does big things, but the only thing i could see worth seeing him do now would be jobbing to Big E/babyface Reigns...whenever that happens.
  10. Best: Daniel Bryan

    Worst: Zack Ryder

    Definite honorable mention for Goldie as well. He's been incredible.
  11. Best: Daniel Bryan. He has been on fire this year, completely over with the crowd, and has been making matches look great since the start of the year until the end.

    Worst: Great Khali. He can't even fall properly.

    I'm gonna give a honorable mention to John Cena. Ever since he returned from his injury, his matches have been better, and honestly I like his whole trolling of the IWC this year. I hope WWE makes him troll them more, it actually entertains me a lot :haha: .
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  12. Best:
    Cesaro- Every match he's been put in has been a quality watch, I can't recall a bad match he was in all year. I mean, even his match with Khali was a good one.

    Khali, followed by Ryback.
  13. best: Bryan
    worst: Eva Marie
  14. Best: I'd say Cesaro. Every match he had was a great match.

    Worst: Khali. He does one move every match he is in.
  15. Daniel Bryan/ Brock stood out to me the most in 2013

    The worst to me was Khali and Darren Young.
  16. Crayo is gonna cut for all the ryback hates
  17. Daniel Bryan & Goldust - Best
    Khali - Worst
  18. Daniel Bryan and The Shield are tied for the best. I shouldn't really have to explain why.

    The worst could be any good number of people.
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