Best and Worst WWE send offs

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by army_george, Jul 26, 2012.

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  1. Best is obviously Ric Flair. Cant think of any other good ones atm
    Worst two that come to mind were both in the ring at Raw 1000 at the same time in Lita and JBL
    Any others?
  2. nobody can beat flair's :haha:
  3. Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and Edge. The top 3 IMO, Flair #1, Edge #2, Michaels #3.
  4. michaels 98 or michaels 2010?
  5. I was watching Flair's the other day. it's definitely the best
  6. Cried during Edge's :sad:
  7. I actually saw his after I hadn't been watching wrestling in quite some time, so I was hardly familiar with him at all (sad to say), yet it still gave me chills and made me get misty-eyed.
  8. So did I. Still do when I re-watch it now. :upset:
  9. Edges no doubt was sad. I grew up a huge edge fan...still miss E&C :emoji_cry:
  10. Me too. But i laughed when he was thanking Vickie and the crowed booed and he said something along the lines of that she did her job well because he was giving her a heart felt thank you and the crowd was booing. XD


    Me too! They were so funny together! XD
  11. They totally were. Sodas rule!! :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. Yeah, the best would be Flair's, HBK's and Edge's. JBL and Lita are two of the worst for sure.
  13. Didn't Cryme Tyme sell Lita's stuff or something?
  14. I actually missed Lita's, wtf happened?
  15. Agreed. Edge ftw.
  16. Yeah, they sold her stuff and if I recall correctly there was a vibrator involved.
  17. yeah they were auctioning off her panties and embarrassing stuff
  18. People who buy used panties, are freaks.
  19. Worse send off was for the original kane
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