Best BPL keeper this year?

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  1. I was watching a video from an editor I am subscribed to on YouTube that came out today consisting of David De Gea's best saves this season, and it made me make this thread.

    Who has been the best BPL keeper this year? The mark inside of me wants to say De Gea because of the vast improvements. He is already one of the best "shot stoppers" in the world, but he was horrific when it came to crosses or anything physical. But, if you look at recent performances, he's pretty much "manned up" now. He was knocked out cold by Vidic, and then two weeks later Andy Carroll flies into him head first, and he's still making great brave punches. That's my pitch for him, but there have been a few.

    Mignolet has had a great season, and Cesar was awesome at the beginning too.

    What do you think?
  2. Mignolet hands down.
  3. Shocker.
  4. bergovic has been great so has west hams keeper cesar gets my vote
  5. Begovic has been good, but sort of missing as of late. Consistency hasn't really been there.
  6. Lloris has been good but hasn't played enough. I'd say De Gea probably, hasn't really been any stand outs this year like last ie. Krul, Vorm, Hart.
  7. Reina. :lol1:

    Top 3 for me is De Gea, Mignolet, and Begovic. Hart hasn't been in crystal good form but he does have the most clean sheets and we have to give him props for that.
    Mignolet has to get some recognition for playing with a poor defense. Begovic has been pretty good as well.

    I'd give Mignolet my vote this season.
  8. cech has as always aswell still the best in england still imo
  9. Since coming in I think Guzan has been unbelievable. I don't see every MOTD, but I don't think I've seen him make a mistake yet? His ability to take a cross is just fapworthy.

    Oh and IMO Cech has been prretty poor for years.
  10. This, Guzan has kept them in so many games this season, if he wasn't there they could have been in Reading's position now imo, forgot about him.

    And agree again, ever since his head injury I don't think he's ever been the same, still a good keeper but nowhere near as good as he was.
  11. Cech has been poor for a while now, but turns into fucking Cassilas in his prime against United. Made the best save all season against us.
  12. 100% agree with you. He is a lot better now at been able to cope in these situations. In his early days I always used to worry when Ferge put him on the starting line up. Much better now though.
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  13. The ironic thing is, as soon as De Gea grew a pair of balls, he gets knocked out one week by the most brutal CB in the world, and then face-raped by the most brutal CF in the PL lol.
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