Best cities for WWE?

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  1. I'm going to say Chicago and New York.

    Boston isn't bad I don't think either. UK always have hot crowds too. Any others?
  2. Chiacgo, New York (MSG in particular), Philly (Anyone here the Sexual Chocolate chants @ Mark Henry last night? ROFL.)
  3. Lol yeah did here the chants, but Kane got little pops, Orton got little pops, DB and Punk got little pops, Ryder too. The crowd was quiet really. 2 good chants, Sexual Chocolate and "ECW" (dunno if you heard it). I'd put Philly as a quiet city personally, not as bad as some of the ones we've had recently though.
  4. Yeah I heard ECW, WTF? Lul.
    I get tingles when I think of the All State Arena in July @ MiTB.
  5. I've always been a fan of Toronto and Montreal beside the ones you mentioned. They always seem up for the event.
    Mainly for moments like this :

  6. So glad you posted that first video. Epic.
  7. The loudest crowd I've been too was the MSG show where Raw debuted the Nickleback theme song and Kofi leg dropped on Orton through a table. However I want to point out that MSG is a very small arena. The way that place is built, it's like an amphitheater, so it's unfair to judge.

    Prudential and IZOD, which I would consider to be NY crowds because you can literally see NYC from both locations, have both been dead arenas. I went to the debut HIAC PPV at the Prudential Center, crowd was not electric. Same could be said for the IZOD center which hosted this year's post mania Raw. Go back a couple months before that and check out the No Way Out PPV, the crowd was dead. As much as I hate to admit it, post WM was not the "NJ" crowd. It was the die hards of the mania crowd, very few casuals in the building.

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  8. Montreal. Really, anywhere in Canada.
  9. Winsford Cheshire
  10. [​IMG]

  11. [​IMG]
  12. Yeah I just see a box
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  14. Buffalo, respect.
  15. 1.) New York- MSG has almost always been the home of WWE since it was the WWWF
    2.) Chicago- Can't remember the last Chicago crowd that disappointed.
    3.) Montreal- Crowd is always hot and I love that they cheer all the Canadians whether they are heels or faces
    4.) Philadelphia- one of the smarkiest crowds for sure. And who doesn't love smarky crowds
    5.) Toronto- some of the best crowds in history were in Toronto

    HM: Boston, London, St. Louis
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  16. Chicago fur-sure.
  17. New York and Chicago I found are pretty awesome, I don't tend to take notice of which city the event is in though.

    London was pretty awesome earlier this year, hopefully Manchester will also make the UK look badass.
  18. Looking back at my posts in this thread was embarrassing. Philly a quiet crowd? Stfu Crayo. I also typo'd and had "here" instead of "hear". Kill me now.
  19. I'm going with NY and Chicago. I don't really think Boston is such a great crowd, the only reason why Boston is a bit noisy is because of Cena imo.

  20. ^this