Best cities?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 5, 2012.

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  1. Which cities are known for having the loudest reactions?

    -New York

    I know a few more but I'll let you lot post them :ace:.
  2. Philadelphia -
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  3. What are they like in this era? All time doesn't really count since they were all good -.-
  4. The video was from last year :laugh: Philly is always a decent crowd.
  5. WWE Crowds then -.-

  6. Philly
    St. Louis
  7. Always have to be awkward..... Edmonton then ( Is that even how you spell it? Either way it's one of those suck holes in Canada :steiner: )

  8. I remember that, felt so bad for him lol.
  9. Props for bringing that up.

    Philly, NYC (Hammerstein especially) and St. Louis are all good.
    Nashville isn't bad either.
  10. What would you say is the best? New York?
  11. New York is definitely the smarkiest. I like Canadian crowds alot tbh.
  12. Yeah, I'd go with NYC.

    ECW Arenas were great, but not Philly crowds in general, that much IMO.
    NYC on the other hand are always consistent crowd, if you get my point. They got that smark swag around 'em too.

    Gotta bow down to the UK crowds. Did you see that? TNA in Wembley? God I wish I was there....
  13. Chicago has its moments, MITB 2011 for example, best crowd I've seen in many many years. Though the RAW after they were pretty mediocre.
  14. Buffalo, New York!
  15. I think either the UK or Canada, places that don't get wrestling very often tend to give bigger and better reactions

    Saying that New York always provide a great crowd
  16. Yeah I think New York top the tree, London are very close, we have the epic "Who Are Ya?" chant too.

    Canada needs to be visited too more often by WWE, tired of the dead crowds.
  17. Chicago hands down the best. 'Nuff said.
  18. Canada Yo! Bitch!
  19. Hey,
    Hey Pat.

    Just received word that Dolph Ziggler will not be seen in Mick Foley's Total Extreme Comedy.
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