Best CM in the world - Xavi or Iniesta?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jun 23, 2012.

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  1. Who would you have as you're #1 and #2? I know we'll get some Ozil love up in here, but he's just one class behind them imo like the Fabregas' and Silvas are.
  2. Iniesta is the best mid in the world IMO. Xavi, Ozil, Ribery, and Robben would probably round out my top 5. I'm probably forgetting someone as I just woke up.
  3. CM's. Ribery and Robben are wingers.

    I'd put Iniesta as best with Xavi 2nd and then have the Ozil's and Fabregas'. Sometimes you watch Spain and Iniesta just runs everything.
  4. I could have sworn it just said 'Best in the world- Xavi or Iniesta' when I first posted. Oh well, shit happens when you start posting as soon as you roll out of bed
  5. Lol nah, BITW is Messi/Ronaldo.

    Ribery and Robben imo are both overrated. Ask me who I'd want on RW in a dream team and I'd pick Valencia.
  6. Inb4SmartassSaysPunk

    At the moment I would say Xavi. I think he's so crafty, I can't put my finger on it, I just prefer him to Iniesta.

    Valencia is nowhere near the talent of Ribery and Robben as well IMO.
  7. What do you base that on? He's in the BPL team of the year as RM, Robben and Ribery haven't set alight to the Bundesliga at all. Robben has just flopped big time at Euro's and Ribery is doing nothing special. Last year Robben was top dog but imo there's quite a few better than him. Ribery is different, there's no too many LW's out there, maybe Lavezzi or David Villa.

    To say he's "no where near" though imo is grossly off target. Valencia tore Ashley Cole to shreds, rated the best LB in the world by many. Ashley Cole made Robben look like Heskey.
  8. Not at all IMO either.
  9. Iniesta is a better dribbler
    Xavi is a better passer
    Neither are great tacklers
    Iniesta is the better finisher.

    I'll say Iniesta just.

    Valencia may not have the talent of those 2 but his work rate and consistently putting in performers puts him closer. Not better bit its not a huge margin.
  10. Nowhere near was maybe a little much, but he's not as good as them from what I've seen. I didn't watch a lot of the premier league last season to be honest as I kind of took a wee break from football. However from what I seen of Valencia he never really impressed me as much as the other two. They both look a lot more dangerous than Valencia does and I think they have a more consistent final ball.
  11. That sort of explains it. This year was Robben and Ribery's downfall, while it was Valencia's break out year.

    This is a good video to watch the type of things he was doing:

    IMO Nani on his day is better than Ribery and Robben BUT he's possibly the most inconsistent idiot in the world -.-.
  12. Yeah it was probably unfair of me to make a comment on something didn't have a great knowledge in.

    It's hard to judge a player's season on a 3 minute video although there is some amazing skills in there. The one at 2:20 is amazing.

    Agree with the bottom statement lol, Nani is absolutely tremendous on his day.
  13. Yeah agreed, it was the only video which sort of showed his all round play. He runs back like an asian (no racism intended, asian football players are the hardest working in the world), he goes forward with so much speed, he can shoot, cross, he's just an everything player. The skills are very few and far between with him, but same goes for Messi.

    A nice nani video:
  14. I'm interesting anyone still saying the same thing a year later regarding Valencia, Xavi and Iniesta?
  15. Iniesta for sure. He has all in one.
  16. I still say Xavi, but maybe that's because I prefer that style and can relate to it more.
  17. Gerrard and Shelvey

  18. how did knowone mention pirlo he's on the same level imo
  19. Iniesta for sure. He's the third best player in the world ATM.
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