Best CM Punk promo for quite a while

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  1. if you want to see it again.

    I personally think this is one of his greatest promos in a while, which says a lot. Once again the crowd didn't really do it justice but the pacing, the differentiation in pitch and delivery was just incredible. I think this feud will sell the Rumble really well. It's a shame we didn't get more build up.

    I verily hope that they continue this feud after the Rumble to at least the chamber, or even Wrestlemania.
  2. You seem to be the only one on here he liked the promo from what I can see. I think all of us who were active in the thread were very critical of it.
    Could you therefore please elaborate on what made it great so as to explain your standpoint. This could be an interesting discussion with the right people in it.
  3. Thought it was lame and boring. Punk does nothing but try and bury his opponent, nothing he said put over Rock even in the slightest.
    Senhor said it best;
    But instead he just rambles on and makes everyone and everything look like shit.
  4. Re: RE: Best CM Punk promo for quite a while

    But he's a heel, he's supposed to make everybody look like trash. If he came out and praised rock that would take away from the heat of the fued. Heels are supposed to piss people off while faces put people over... Or at least that's what i personally think works best.

    ~Three Said That~
  5. But tearing down his opponent doesn't benefit him. If all you do is say that your opponent is a nobody and you end up beating him, then you have beaten a nobody. And that doesn't benefit anyone. Punk could still have played a tremendous heel in that promo and given Rock kudos. Because if Punk brings up all Rock's accomplishments and then beats him, then that benefits both men. As Punk will have gone over the Rock and Rock would have still been built like a legitimate contender.
  6. I liked last nights promo, more than, the one everyone went nuts over.
  7. I've said why I liked it in my post, I think it's better to try and explain what was wrong with it.

    Punk haters are inevitably going to hate, so I'd rather neutrals explain to me why it was bad. The content was mediocre I guess but one minute the IWC goes from complaining that he "shoots" too much or is "desperate to gain the spotlight he had before by reusing controversial content" but when he keeps it strictly kayfabe people complain.

    @deth It's not Punk's role to put Rock over... Rock is the most over man in the company and one of the most over in history, why would they do that? They are trying to get Punk heat AND make him look tough so Rock keeps putting him over, else no one will buy the PPV. That's simple logic, you should know that.

    @Stopspot your latest post makes it look like you have no grasp on what a heels role is, especially Punk's lol.
  8. I'm not a Punk hater, it's easy to get heat and put your opponent over. I gave a perfect little outline last night. Insult him all you want, get all the heat you need, but if he says Rock is a piece of shit, why am I supposed to care if he beats a piece of shit. According to his promos he should have no problem beating the Rock. Why should I theoretically spend my money to watch this champion beat a nobody. Putting over the Rock doesn't hurt him as a heel, it helps him. If he wins he beat a credible opponent, if he loses, he lost to a credible opponent.
  9. I'm sorry dude but you are reading so far into it. You really think marks think like that? "Oh, the guy who has been insulting us every single week - who is obviously the bad guy - tells me one of the greatest of all time in The Rock who just beat John Cena at Wrestlemania cleanly is weak, so he must be weak, fuck buying the Rumble". Of course not, that's ludicrious.

    I never expected anyone to criticize Punk promos for the reason that he didn't put The Rock over... Rock is clearly the more over of the two and doesn't need ANY help getting fans on his side. No one is going to think he is weak because PUNK of all people said so, the guy who has been barely holding on to the title for like two month snow. It's a HEEL promo, HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL. He isn't supposed to put The Rock over. Flabbergasted, lol.

    I'll explain it:

    CM Punk - Needs to cut heel promos on the crowd AND The Rock. He needs to get himself hated so much that they seriously don't want him on TV any more, especially as champion. That way they buy the rumble just to see Rock whip his candy ass.

    The Rock - Needs to go out there and make Punk look credible. Put the heel over as still a tough guy - despite his coward acts - so people don't skip buying the rumble because they think it will be obvious Rock wins. So tell them Punk is tough and that it will be hard, but tell them you are going to win to keep the feud competitive.

    By your guys logic, any time The Rock says he will win in a feud is a bad promo. I guarantee none of you saw it like that...
  10. FFS guys, Rock is already a legend, he doesn't need to be put over by Punk, it's Punk who needs to be put over by Rock.

    The crowd already knows who Rock is, and words from Punk won't make them think that the Rock is a nobody, unless of course you are talking about the 5 years olds who don't know who Rock is, and who won't ever care about it since they will be busy watching their superman doing absolutely nothing . lol
  11. There's noting wrong with either of them saying they're going to win. My point is Punk looks like a retard either way. What's he going to say after the Rumble.

    Wins - Told you he was a piece of shit, that was easy, what a waste of time that was.

    Loses - Yeah I know I told you he was a piece of shit, but he beat me, so I guess I'm a bigger piece of shit, and thus everyone I've beat in the last year are bigger pieces of shit as well.

    It's stupid, this isn't real life, Punk can be confident but he has to give the slightest hint that he might lose. It's drama, it's build up. It 's simple if executed properly.
  12. I actually found it boring. lol
  13. Normally in this situation I would ask "Are you a new fan of WWE?" but I know for a fact you're not, which is why this really baffles me. In almost EVERY promo the heel insults and remonstrates the faces, and then the faces normally do it back. This isn't a case of "Punk said he was crap so his win means nothing", the marks are marks, they aren't complete imbeciles lol.

    Also, can someone tell me what incredibly bad stuff Punk has said to put down Rock's skill as a competitor? It seems to me The Rock has done it more, which is completely fine as he has put over Punk as well... You guys are complaining about something that happens in every single feud, it's really weird. Would you prefer the "Omg you're so talented, but I will beat you" approach? If CM Punk said "You're strong Rocky, one of the best, but not as strong as me" would you then reply after Punk wins saying "Well, he said Rock wasn't as good as Punk so I'm not shocked at all" - of course not. This is illogical.
  14. So Chael Sonnen needed to say to everyone during his fight with Anderson Silva that there is a chance he might not win?

    Build up is much more effective when both sides think they are going to win 100%.
  15. Let me ask you this, who do you consider to be the best heel promo men of all time?
  16. I know what you are going to do. I'll list the obvious ones, you will rebuttal that with situations where they have put the opponent over. I can easily counter that with situations where Punk has done the same, in this feud, with this gimmick, it makes no sense at all for Punk to compliment Rock.
  17. I'd like to hear Punk doing that, please give me an example, because I don't recall it ever happening during this particular run.
  18. Before we take it into that, can you please reply to what I originally said? Are you really suggesting every heel should show respect to every face? Punk's character is the same character that mocked Jerry Lawler for having a heart-attack on RAW, you really want to see him suddenly acknowledge Rock's skill and ability?

    I think people are criticizing for the sake of it to be honest. I don't see anyone complaining when Cesaro cuts promos saying he will win this and that and be US champ for ages without acknowledging his opponents skill, but because Punk done it, people are mad. I went to check on other platforms to see if this is a global IWC complaint, but it doesn't seem to be at all, so at least it's just here lmao.
  19. Not necessarily respect, but acknowledgment. There's a brilliant quote about this in one of Foley's books, I just wish I could remember which one. Considering he knows a lot more about the business than you or I, it's a very valid point. You can disagree, which is fine, but to dismiss it as laughable or illogical also doesn't make sense. You're saying you do not see our point at all. If I find the blurb I'll post it.
  20. No I completely understand acknowledging your opponent, it's why I've been giving Rock props ever since he returned to feud with Punk. That is a perfect example of putting someone over who needs it and making him look like gold. This is just the complete wrong time to bring it up, in a feud like this.

    If Punk was feuding with Ryback still, or some other up-and-coming face then yes putting him over is great, but with THIS gimmick against THE ROCK it makes no sense at all. Punk is kayfabe bitter at Rock getting this shot and stealing this spotlight, he legitimately hates Rock for trying to take his title and embarrassing him at the same time, why would he give any respect?

    To criticize a promo because of the lack of acknowledgement to someone like The Rock is the part I find baffling, that to me has no logic. Especially because you think it will have an impact on the marks view of this feud, implying CM Punk's promos means more to them than Rock's. The Rock doesn't need any help or acknowledgement, all the help needs to be given to Punk.
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