Best crowds ever?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by #Heel, Apr 25, 2012.

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  1. What do you think are the best cities for crowds? What are some of the loudest, rowdiest, smarkest (I invented it), just overall best crowds you can remember?

    Maybe they had a huge pop, funny signs, lots of chants, or they trolled?

    For me I have to say:

    -Philly: ECW hometown, always an interesting bunch. Sometimes borderline offensive chants. I believe they were the first to start "F*ck you Cena" chants at ECW One Night Stand 2006.
    -Chicago: I'm still raving over CM Punks MiTB entrance. They definitely know how to get behind the superstars when they want to.
    -Miami: I am going to dub this "The Yes Crowd", just because they started it. I have a new respect for Miami ever since the Raw after 'Mania. Basically everyone in that crowd read dirt sheets, and I loved every minute of it. Not only did they troll creative but they completely ruined the Lesnar surprise for everyone that doesn't read. Very funny.

    Anyone else have some?
  2. Philly is awesome. Chicago IMO was a bit of a one hit wonder. They are hot for Punk, better than most crowds, but not elite. Miami was a one time anomaly. That crowd was made up from smarks around the globe, not people who actually live in Miami. You will never get that atmosphere in the state of Florida again.

    Best crowds are NY, Montreal, Philly, Boston, ect. Mostly east coast cities & Canadian cities.
  3. I'm a stubborn SOB so im going with St. Louis, because of the time JTG came out in NXT and a guy yelled, "SHAD WAS BETTER!"
  4. London is in the list, Dolph nailed most on the head.
  5. From recent memory, London, Miami (yes, it was made up by smarks who probably stayed around for the Raw after Mania, but it was a good crowd nonetheless), NY... Most shows in Canada tend to have good crowds. Chicago and Philly too.
  6. The people at the 2006 ECW One Night Stand were FUCKIN LOT!
  7. The Reseda crowd from Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.
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