Best Entrance?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nickelodeon, May 13, 2013.

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  1. Who do you guys think has the best entrance of all time? I mean not just one special PPV entrance I mean regular entrance. My personal favorite is the brood
  2. I think Taker has to take this one.
  3. Undertaker? With the lights going out and stuff.
  4. The Brood's entrance is very cool, but the best for me would be Stone Cold's. The walk, the theme, and the double birds in the corner
  5. Kane's easily. It's simple, cool, memorable, has a fire motif & most importantly it doesn't last fifteen minutes like Taker's does.
  6. Undertaker has to take the cake for greatest entrance of all time.
    His entrance is an entity in itself.
  7. Sin Cara! he has an amazing music and awesome JUMP in to the ring, the best jump of all time. even I have a clip of his entrance in my mobile. lol

    then as my favourite wrestler, I always love to see "John Cena's" entrance .

    The Rock has a really ELECTRIFYING entrance!!

    Anyway, according to my opinion, *** D Generation X *** had the Best Entrance of all time!!!!

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  8. Sting, Kane, Taker
  9. Shawn. Especially at WM 25 :yay: :yay:

    I hate entrances that take more than the match. HHH's needs to have his full entrance even if he's gonna cut a short promo is like dude entrance - 10 min promo 2 min
  10. Kane 1997-2003.
  11. Batista's.
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  12. Shawn or Y2J. I loved all of their entrances.
  13. Taker, Y2J and I used to like Tazz's also.
  14. Jake the snake Roberts. Stroll to the ring with a snake in a bag over the shoulder.
  15. his entrance when he came to the ring in shackles was cool, I forgot about that, but it only lasted a little while I believe
  16. Gotta go with the obvious Undertaker response. There are some good entrances from over the years but nothing even comes close to Taker's.
  17. Taker ofc, but i love the lesnar entrance, fighting music with Brock just jumping up and down looking pumped for a fight
  18. Undertaker or Jericho. Both have great, unique entrances.
  19. I love Jericho's and Ultimate Warrior's, but probably the most memorable is Undertaker's.
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