WrestleMania Best fan chant ever at Wresltmania

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  1. "that's a skid mark!"

    I gotta tell ya. I had noticed it first and pointed it out to all the peeped at my store, then the crowd let her have it!

    Man what a good time to be alive!

    Wicked awesome



    In case you missed it. It was Maria whazherface... After the double stink face on Eve

  2. I dident here this chat when was it said like during what part of mania
  3. Didn't hear it either, but WM was quite quiet for me since family were asleep. :emoji_slight_frown:
  4. I couldn't understand many of the chants at WM tbh. Fuck outdoor venues
  5. During the divas match... Rewatch it... So worth it

  6. Yeah didint hear that many chants as it was outdoors like Dolph's says it loses all the atmosphere which is a big shame imo.
  7. Sad thing is we will probably never get another indoor WM because WWE knows they can sell out 80k seat stadiums so why would thy want to go back to 20k seat arenas?

    Well, every 10th anniversary will probably still be in MSG, but outside of that we are SOL
  8. The YES! chants were the best.
  9. The Yes chants was the best chants of the night.
  10. YES!
  11. Let's Go Ziggler > Si > Yes
  12. Will re-watch it, I was taking a piss and getting some drinks while the Diva's match was on. Only saw the end, military press by Beth was epic.
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