Best/Favorite Guitar riffs in songs

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Oct 2, 2012.

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  1. One song/riff per post

    My favorite has always been from Satisfaction. Such a great way to start the song

  2. Go to 4:10
  3. Le google riff.


  4. Definitely up there. Love the song + it reminds me of when wrestling was awesome
  5. Damn you're right... no one beats jimi
  6. Satisfaction was the first song I ever learned how to play :yay: that riff is the easy, it's 2A 2A 2A 4A 5A 5A 5A 4A 4A All on the same string.

    I have to many, my top three would be Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix, Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth, and Soothsayer by Buckethead

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    :finger: One riff per post my ass
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  7. My favourite song :obama: also WCW Hollywood Hogan ftw. :win:
  8. Even without WCW Voodoo child was a GOAT song by the man Hendrix :boss1:
  9. Mos def, but growing up watching Hogan come out to that shit just makes it even more iconic to me personally.
  10. :true: My generation have their.. KAN...YE West and their hip and ho called Nicki Minaj.. :facepalm: Hendrix > All.
  11. Cool thread. Expect a lot of posts from me.

    Pretty much any early Sabbath song has an epic riff. Iommi is God.

    Morbid Angel are another band who just have riffs for DAYS.

    most evil intro riff EVER.


    Classic. such a sick intro, and the riff that follows.
  12. There seems to be a pattern here.. demons much? :urm:
  13. Black Hole Sun was also one of my favorites, so much for the one post one riff :haha:
  14. Sends chills up my spine when I hear this riff

    sorry, I'm a MJ mark lol (obviously he wasn't the one playing the riff)
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  15. Stop choosing all the songs I know how to play :dafuq: It's a great song, that solo is mind blowing too. Van Halen did a great job there.

    Fucking boss riff here :yay:
  16. Gotta include some Jimmy Page


  17. :smug: This one was great, and so it the one below

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