Best Feud since AE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Baraa, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. Which feud do you think was the best since the Attitude era?

    I say it was HBK/HHH 2002/2004, it had everything it needed imo.

  2. Cena vs Edge. Rivalry that just wouldn't go away. Made Edge a main eventer.
  3. Angle/Lesnar and HBK/Jericho (2008). Benoit/HHH/HBK was damn fine too. Oh, and Eddie/JBL too.
  4. Angle/Lesnar was awesome also, top of SD without a doubt.
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  5. Ah yeah, Eddie/JBL was nice. JBL was such a great heel.
  6. Hart/McMahon :jeritroll:

    Lesnar/Angle for me.
  7. HBK/Jericho in 2008 for sure.
  8. I liked Cena vs Orton in 2009. It was one of those stumps in the super cena reign, so I was happy about that. I think Orton got to where he is now because of that feud & he was a lot more intense at that point on.
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