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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by edge4ever, Nov 14, 2015.

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  1. Hey All,

    I wanted to make a thread about what you feel would be the best feud that WWE could do with their current talent roster. Please post the feud you'd like to see and give some details behind how it would play out and why you'd want it that way. Is it "best for business?" I'm curious to see what people think.
  2. It's more about the office talking scenes than it is getting heels and faces over.

    Rollins did very minimal to get heat. Talk, cheat, run. Which has been the template for the top heels since 2007.
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  3. In other words - I don't really care for 'dream' feuds because I doubt they really would live up to the standards.
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  4. This thread is about what you think the best feud would be right now. You post your ideas and why.
  5. They're all hypothetical. So even if you don't believe. Who cares. Just post.
  6. Owens v. Reigns
    Owens v. Undertaker
    Owens v. Rollins
  7. Owens fan much? Lol
  8. His capability to play off of faces is truly a talent. Look at his feud with Cena, and Ryback. Guy is on a role.
  9. I concur. He's very gifted and can easily build a feud from almost nothing. He carried ryback.
  10. Kevin Owens vs Brock Lesnar
    The Wyatt Family vs New Day
    John Cena vs Roman Reigns
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  11. Big Show vs Kane :otunga:
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  12. Kane vs show vs ryback
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  13. Kane vs big show vs Ryback vs Mark Henry :henry:
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  14. Hornswoggle vs Brock Lesnar. Come on, admit it. You'd love to see it.
  15. I have to admit being curious as to seeing a confrontation between Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman simply because of the way they have been pushing Strowman as a Lesnar type unstoppable beast. I think having Strowman go on a rampage and then eventually clearing the ring in the Royal Rumble...about 6 or 7 guys thrown out... only to have Lesnar's music hit would be an awesome moment. I don't really want to see a match between the two because I have no reason to believe Strowman could put on a good match, but it would be a good Rumble moment.

    An actual match, I'd love to see Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar. I think they could put on a great encounter.
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