best finisher ever!!!

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  1. Finisher: finisher
    Superstar: Name

    using this
  2. I have two

    Finisher: Pedigree
    Superstar: Triple H

    Finisher: Stunner
    Superstar: Stone Cold
  3. Finisher: spear
    Superstar: Edge
  4. Yeah I don't see the point of using the color thing. sorry.

    My Favorite Finisher is Scott Hall's Razor's Edge
  5. Crossface Chickenwing by Bob Backlund :gusta:
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  6. Superstar: Homocide
    Finisher: Vertabreaker.
  7. finisher 619
    Superstar rey mysterio
  8. The worm...
    Scotty too Hotty!

  9. Hey, yo.

    My favorite is Shake, rattle, and roll. Seriously though, probably Benoits lock.
  10. Superstars: Bret Hart and Owen Hart

    Finishing Move: Sharpshooter
  11. Finisher: Sweet Chin Music
    Superstar: Shawn Michaels
  12. :pity: I loooooove tuning up the band.
  13. That's the only Superkick I like.
    From "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels! :pity:
  14. :haha:
  15. [/font]Finisher: Cross Rhodes
    Superstar: Cody Rhodes

    Finisher: Codebreaker
    Superstar: Chris Jericho
  16. Diamond Cutter
  17. Cross Rhodes
    Cody Rhodes
  18. Crippler Crossface
    Chris Beniot
  19. Finisher: Chokeslam
    Superstar: Kane
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