Best finisher ever?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Saylor, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. What's the best finisher ever in the history of WWE? I personally think the Sharpshooter, The Spear, The Tombstone and The Chokeslam have been great finishers however I cannot decide on which ones the solid best one in my eyes as there's been a lot of finishers out there that maybe the best in others eyes.
  2. I was always a fan of SCM as the best, it could be hit from anyway and would legit knock you out for the three count. Plus Shawn's execution was incredible.
  3. Shawn was so great at doing the SCM, looked so real, just used to come out of no where and used to get the fans off their seats.
  4. Although I would never let someone do it to me, I always thought the Canadian Destroyer looked really cool. Also Kofi's SOS. Both are like illusion moves that look more difficult to pull off than they actually are, just because there is so much movement happening at once between both superstars.
  5. Ace Crusher :ace:
  6. The Canadian Destroyer is an awesome move. That's a move that looks incredibly fantastic. Pete Williams of TNA done Canadian Destroyer's so fucking awesome.
  7. SCM and Stunner.
  8. Chaos Theory
    Angels Wings
    Styles Clash
  9. Benoits crossface also, the look on his face when he locked it in. He looked like he wanted to hurt you.
  10. Good answer good answer!

    /family feud
  11. I was surprised it took that long for some to say that tbh. A whole 3 minutes.
  12. Impact finishers:
    - Jackhammer
    - F-5/The Judgement
    - GTS

    Submission finishers:
    - Crippler Crossface/LeBell Lock/YES! Lock
    - Sharpshooter/Scorpion Deathlock
    - Figure-4 Leg Lock

  13. Heart punch. Head crush. (khali)


  14. For me it's Hell's Gate and Spear!
  15. Stunner, Crossface and Tombstone.
  16. Nick Diaz does a mean Hell's Gate (gogoplata)


    Such a fucking bawssssssssss
  17. Rybacks Muscle buster.
  18. wait i forgot


  19. Sweet Chin Music and the Stunner for me too.

    Also: Swanton Bomb, Rock Bottom, Sharpshooter, Jackhammer, F5, and the Pedigree.
  20. Brock Lesnar's F5

    Kelly Kelly's K2
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