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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Lady Deathbane, Jun 28, 2013.

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    Let's finally settle this, which two members have the best bromance?
    (Note: Bromance not limited to males in this case, females don't really have a term for extreme platonic relationship.)

    Crayo & Xanth

    Dat Kid & Jedi Master Farooq

    Seabs & Alkaline

    Dolph'sZiggler & Aids Johnson ||

    Danielson & Senhor Perfect & death

    Lady Deathbane & CrayJ Lee

    Roman Rains & GrammarNazi82 |

    Catwoman & CM Punk

    JeebaK & Niggaswag

    CrayoSucksBritishDick & CrayoSucksIndianDicks
  2. Crayo and Xanth isn't a Bromance, Xanth is a spineless pussy and Crayo is an aggressive mofo. I'll vote rain and GN or as they shall be know Rain Nazi (don't say it out loud) also where is DZ and Aids?
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  3. Thank you little beautiful probably ginger Scottish man who knows Griffiths > Cornwall. Also aren't you in a 3sum with Clayo and Xannnnth.
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  4. Also Gohan and BHR had some kinky domination shit going on for months, randy mentioned a dragon ball or several.
  5. Idk about best but Aids and I have the most interesting/entertaining board bromance by far. It's the closest thing this forum has had to a soap opera.

    Rain & GN get #2, but they only formed after I stopped bromancing with GN, so they can't be #1 IMo

  6. I just take it occasionally for my moderator powers.
  7. The best one isn't even listed. Aids & Dolph's hands down
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  8. D'sZ/Aids was like the second one I listed. Took it off cuz someone told me they didn't have a bromance anymore, lol. Will re-add.
  9. Dolph's carries them well.

  10. Even when we quarrel we are still bromancing. That's the beauty of it.

    I think our squabbles are behind us for now though.
  11. Interesting thread.....
  12. Anyone tell me who else I missed if any. I don't really converse with most of the forum. :dawg:
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  13. Not doing one-sided ones cuz that list is way too long, lmao. A lot of them involving Gohan. :dawg:

  14. What about 3 ways? I can't really tell where one guy's dick stops and the next guy's ass begins with Danny, Senhor and deth. It is like the human centipede porn version
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  15. How about LD and Gohan and gay rights
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  16. Lmao, I contemplated that too. I was deciding, but then I remembered Danny proclaiming his love for deth a few times so I went with that. Mmm, alright, 3-Ways too.
  17. Sadly... Me & Punk had a falling out. I wouldn't send him pictures of my feet.
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