Best Fried Chicken joint

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Harley Quinn, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. KFC

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  2. Popeyes

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  3. Church's

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  4. Other

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  1. Time to choose. I personally enjoy Popeyes, great selection, good spices, love their seafood too and the sweet tea they always serve :yay:
  2. Chunky Chicken cause I'm a UK fag.
  3. Mr nando does some fried shit son.
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  4. Popeyes has some good chicken.
  5. KFC is fucking atrocious, it seriously feels like I'm eating a tumor every time I go there. That being said, I love it and it gets my vote.
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  6. Popeye's is more of a once in a while thing for me.
  7. There's this local joint that just opened up by me recently probably the dankest fried chicken I've had in a grip.
  8. I love Popeyes. I haven't had it in years, but it is soooo good
  9. Out of those options we only have KFC :please:
  10. Does Zaxby's count? If so then definitely Zaxby's.:gusta:
  11. Never been to Popeye's or Church's

    So, KFC by default. My grandmother makes the absolute best fried chicken though.
  12. KFC. Popeyes is for hipsters
  13. KFC is coming to Sweden in a year or something, so yeah. Only place I've ever eaten on of these anyway so... KFC it is.
  14. if you're ever in the los angeles area a great local chain is Pioneer chicken
  15. KFC. Other than Popeye's, I don't even know of another chicken place around here where I live. There's some gas station in the middle of town that sells Clucker's (which looks and sounds tasty) but I've yet to eat any yet.

    KFC has some greasy ass chicken but it's still the best I've ever tasted, plus those biscuits and potatoes-and-gravy are goddamn delicious.
  16. KFC by far. Never had Popeye's
  17. Come to Leicester. We have a place that sells fried chicken called Maryland. It sells lots of chicken not only for a cheap price compared to the KFC, but the chicken is tasty as hell! So I vote for that :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  18. I wasn't wearing my glasses and i thought this said "Best Friend Chicken Joint. "

    But now that I can see clearly. KFC!
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  19. Popeye's... those Cajun spices hit the spot!
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