Best Friends For Never?

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    Frenemy: it's become a popular word in pop culture over the past couple of years. We all have them, frenemies, those we loathe, but still tolerate. Those we secretly wish ill on, but smile when they succeed. Those that think of us as a true friend or even a bestie, but who we disregard as tolerable.

    Well, Rockstar Spud has always looked at Ethan Carter III as his best friend and EC3 has always looked at Spud as an "employee." EC3 said it best when he told Spud last Wednesday on IMPACT, "my friends have trust funds and go to yacht clubs."

    EC3 even demanded Spud cry on the spot and laughed in Spud's face in a very uncomfortable scene.

    All of us agreed with Eric Young that Spud should have punched EC3 on the spot, but what would Spud do after that? Where would the little guy go?

    See, Spud truly loves EC3 like a brother and sadly that love isn't reciprocated. What will happen next between these two frenemies? Find out Wednesday night on Spike TV at 9/8c to see how far EC3 will go to embarrass or embrace Rockstar Spud.

    EC3 is demanding Spud enter the ring and accept his fate and future. How will Spud respond? Either way a decision has been made.


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