Best GK in the BPL(or EPL or PL)

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Bruiser, Aug 18, 2013.

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  1. Now if I was asked who is the best keeper,besides Lloris,I'd say De Gea.

    So who do you think is the best keeper in the league that isn't on the team you support.
  2. bergovic, mignolet and friedel
  3. As much as I love Friedel would you choose him over Lloris?They are both great also Mignolet impressed me greatly against Stoke.What a performance!Wish I took him off my bench of my fantasy footie team:aries:.
  4. De Gea, easily. After that, Begovic and Lloris.
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  5. This for me.

    De Gea is starting to rival world keepers now. Shocking considering his age too. Begovic I place above Lloris. Mignolet is so fucking overrated, but is still a decent keeper. Shocked that my football buddy tgill placed Friedal, Begovic, and Mignolet above De Gea.
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  6. He supports Boro, he's mine. :bury:

    Also yeah it bothers me how overrated Mignolet is, he's not a bad keeper but he's no better than Guzan imo, he was shocking against Stoke imo, if Walters wasn't a complete idiot taking penalties then his debut would have looked awful.

    And I agree about De Gea, I don't know why so many people don't rate him, maybe because of his poor first season, but he's improved so much and he's easily one of the best shot stoppers in the world, if not the best.
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  7. I love you Cole. Completely agreed.
  8. That's because we're both goddamn genius'. <3
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  9. I read it wrong i thought it didn't include de gea and lloris lol also am i being biased by adding schwarzer in there along with jaaskelainen(god thats an hard name to spell)
  10. I want to have sex with you right here, right now.

    haha, good! And Shwartzer at one point was definitely one of the best keepers in the BPL. I think he was in his peak at the time Van Der Sar was around so he didn't get much spotlight. As for Jask (skilfully evaded attempting to spell that), I'm not sure. A good keeper, a consistent keeper, but not one of the best imo. Though I haven't exactly seen TOO much of him.
  11. I would say so now, in their day they both were but Jaaskelainen seems to have dipped massively in form and Schwarzer is in his seventies.

    Both brilliant keepers, but unfortunately both past it now imo. Still I'd love Schwarzer back just for nostalgia.
  12. Same lol id say friedel is still the king of the oldies though and why the hell do stoke let walters take penaltys he's missed his last 3 now lol
  13. lol'd @ seventies.
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  14. And gone the same way every fucking time.
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  15. Petr Cech is the BEST IN THE WOOOOORLD!
  16. De Gea > Begovic > Lloris
  17. I'm not that regular a watcher, but Flippin' De Gea, Begovic and Guzan are my favourites from what I've seen. Guzan's ability to come out and catch crosses honestly has me near cumming sometimes, it's just glorious.
  18. Bar the word easily i agree with this, Lloris is a pretty close second with Begovic lagging behind slightly. Minoglet is a top 10 keeper but not much more whilst these guys are top 3 quality. Also if Hart can get back on his form from City's title win he'd be in the mix.
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