Best Halloween Inspired WWE Gimmicks

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    Now when it comes to gimmicks, WWE has an odd, strange, horrible, and wonderful assortment. While most didn't last, many still did and remain fond memories for a lot of wrestling fans out there. Some gimmicks stuck so well, they lasted over 10 years and a few, like John Cena and the Undertaker, are still going strong.

    Since Halloween is right around the corner, I thought the strange, scary, horror themed gimmicks deserved their own thread. Now these gimmicks may not be directed at or even run along side Halloween, but these gimmicks would make for some seriously awesome costumes!

    So with that in mind, who do you think had the best themed gimmick that just screams "Halloween"?

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  2. The Undertaker
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  3. Well...Taker & Kane spring to mind straight away...
    The "Original" Mankind...Gangrel had a great entrance...
    Vampiro...Kevin Thorn and the smoking hot Ariel...but...
    If I had to pick a would be Zombie Hot...


    Daffney! (She counts right?)
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  4. :hmm: I mean I guess someone can dress up like her but wasn't she just like a punk/goth wrestler?
  5. Undertaker and Kane are the two that are definitely off the top of my head, along with others. For other ones, Gangrel and "The Brood" as well as (going to another, possibly dying, company) for Abyss and Decay.
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  6. Going to add Doink The Clown to this since clowns are scary in general to a lot of people and the trend going on right now, well... Just makes him even creepier. Kane and Undertaker I think will always be at the top for most people I think.

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  7. I Guess...but...I just wanted to talk about/post a pic of Daffney...

    We all Float in this ring Vince my Boy...We all Float!

    If you get that...your cool...
  8. Taker and Kane are definitely up there. Finn Bálor, Sting, Willow and Mankind also spring to mind.
  9. Paul Burchill
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  10. The bunny.

    Also Daffney has never worked for WWE so I don't get how she would fit into one of the best hallowwen inspired gimmicks in WWE.
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  11. Also, The Hurricane. Stand back!!
  12. Rosey!
    Best Super Hero In Training ever
  13. Of course The Undertaker, Kane, Mankind, Gangrel, The Brood, The Ministry Of Darkness, and Sting but you all forgot about THE......................................

    BOOGEY MAN!!!!
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  14. What about these two
  15. The yeti.

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  16. I guess I made a board generalization...WWE = Wrestling...
  17. Going to add in this fella...


  18. Correction...

    "THE YETAY!"
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