Best heel: Bully or Roode?

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  1. Bobby Roode

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  2. Bully Ray

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  1. Who do you guys think it is? Roode or Bully?
  2. Best heel in wrestling in 2012

    Bully :yay:
  3. Best heel in wrestling in 2012

    These two IMO make great heels. Bully with his tough guy badass F you persona and Roode with his perfect old school do whatever it takes Ric Flair type of heel character.

    IMO Roode plays his role a little better. His match with Aries when he lost the belt was so awesome because of Roode trying to do whatever he could to win and Aries still overcoming him. oh and nothing beats a 'Shit Factor' chant. My favorite <3
  4. RE: Best heel in wrestling in 2012

    I probably haven't watched enough but I love Bully so I'm going him.

    Mark henry would've been up for it if he didn't get injured, definitely.
  5. RE: Best heel in wrestling in 2012

    Makes sense, because IMO Roode's character is one you will appreciate more over time and the more you see of him the more you will love him; whereas Bully when you first get to know him with this gimmick will blow you away from the start, but he doesn't have as many different subtle nuances in his gimmick like Roode does.

    Henry from 2011 would be up there, but not since he dropped the title and was injured. the only other WWE heel that is a really good choice IMO would be Barrett, but he's been gone for too much of 2012 to be on my best heels of 2012 list. Other heels in WWE are awesome, but don't really fit the mold for what I think of when I think of a great heel. DZ & D-Bry for example are closer to being tweeners than true heels, both in action and crowd reaction
  6. RE: Best heel in wrestling in 2012

    As Dolph's pointed out this is a tricky question.

    Roode's character is one you will learn to hate over time. First time you see Bobby Roode you just think "Okay he is a bit of an asshole with a ego, I've seen this before." The more you see of Roode you start to see the subtle nuances of a deep character that you can learn to hate for so much, his psychology work, his ring work or just the way he walks into the ring.

    Bully Ray's character is just as finely tuned and custom made for him as Roode's is for Bobby, the difference is that Ray is portraying a more get in your face heel. Everyone, even non wrestling fans know what a bully is and how to hate him. Bully Ray is a master of playing off of that.

    This is a close race but I must go with Roode on this. It all comes down to personal preferance.
  7. Best heel in wrestling in 2012

    It really is the little things that make Roode great. Remember him doing snow angels in the confetti after one of his title defenses? So classic. His facial expressions, his obsessions, and just how he carries himself like he is the only person in the world worth a damn and everyone else disgusts him. He's perfect IMO
  8. Best heel in wrestling in 2012

    Tough one to decide, but I went with Roooooooooooooooooooooooooooooode.
  9. Best heel in wrestling in 2012

    I would say Bobby Roode. I think his character is more of a serious heel, and he the fan seem to hate him more. I liked his cocky attitude when he had the belt, his desperation to get it back now, the fans cheering shit factor, and his dirty way of fighting each match.
  10. Best heel in wrestling in 2012

    Bobby Roode all day. Bully is a great heel, and they are way above the rest in both businesses, in my opinion. Had to go with Roode because of how he does whatever it takes to win.
  11. Best heel in wrestling in 2012

    Bobby Roode quote:

    - to HH "Seeing that I'm the World Champion and you're nothing than GM, get your ass back to the office and get the hell out of my ring."
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  12. RE: Best heel in wrestling in 2012

    Like a fucking boss :boss1:
  13. RE: Best heel in wrestling in 2012

    Yeah definitely the same with Wade before Big Show killed his momentum as well. (Fuck me, another one) Bryan and Ziggler could easily be as good as Roode and Bully if WWE had any idea how to book them; in saying that, I feel Ziggler should be a face but I hope that doesn't happen as he wouldn't suit WWE's face booking at all. Bryan however has proven he can be an awesome heel. He was the best wrestler in the world and still managed to get RoH fans to boo him which is astounding.
  14. Best heel in TNA in 2012

    Bryan gets my pick. Changed title too since this is predominantly about TNA heels.

    Best heel out of those two? As much as I love Bully it has to be Roode.
  15. Best heel in wrestling in 2012?

    Bryan as best heel :dawg:

    comedy heels need not apply.
  16. Best heel in wrestling in 2012?

    Stop changing the title. I understand you're trying to make the WWE fans angry, but it's pointless. It makes no sense. The question you're asking is "who is the best heel in wrestling?" and then limiting the options to two TNA stars. That's your opinion but it makes it an unbias poll and a LQ thread destined for TNA vs WWE arguments from Savage. So either add in more stars, or keep the title I've changed it to.
  17. Best heel in wrestling?

    Nobody has a problem with it but you Mr. WWE fanboy. Bryan's character isn't on the same level as these two and everyone agrees but you. Now keep this on topic which is obviously Ray vs Roode and stop dragging this down to your pissant level
  18. Best heel in wrestling

    I kept it on topic with my Roode vote. I simply changed the title of the thread. Quite immature from you if I'm honest, but not unexpected ofc.
  19. Best heel in TNA wrestling

    Whatever you say. Stop changing my thread title dick face
  20. Best heel in TNA?

    I dont get the issue. Best heel in wrestling, in the TNA and other wrestling deals. We keep the WWE bs in the wwe threads, for example best wrestler atm poll that was only wwe people....

    DB is a better wrestler, but as far as a heel goes? ADR is right there also, but neither are close to Bully Ray or Bobby Roode.
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