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    Ring of Honor
    Best in the world 2014

    SUNDAY, JUNE 22nd, 2014
    Tennessee State Fairgrounds/Expo
    625 Smith Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203
    6:30 PM CST Local bell time / 8:00 PM EST / 7:00pm CST Live On Pay Per View



    In the conclusion to WAR OF THE WORLDS, it was revealed that "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels is returning to Ring of Honor!

    That same night, we also found out that he will not be coming to BEST IN THE WORLD alone. Speculation has run wild as to his cohort's identity, but there is one name that fans have constantly repeated. And one dream match they have hoped for above any other.

    Now it's official.... Christopher Daniels is bringing Frankie Kazarian with him to BEST IN THE WORLD '14!!!

    This is a team Ring of Honor fans have been demanding since the moment it was first whispered that Daniels and Kazarian would soon be free agents. You don't have to wait months and months to get them!

    Frankie Kazarian is a near fifteen year veteran of professional wrestling renowned for his speed and agility. He has constantly been one of the most exciting athletes on the planet, innovating and reinventing himself over time. His partner, "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels, is no stranger to ROH gold. He is a two time former holder of the ROH tag team titles. In fact, as a member of The Prophecy, Daniels was one of the very first Ring of Honor tag team champions. Along with Kazarian, he has held titles and toured the world proving they are the pinnacle of tag team wrestling.

    Upping the stakes even more on this potential show stealer, ROH Officials have decided the World tag team championship WILL be on the line for this match!

    On June 22nd LIVE on PPV, the team of Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian will challenge whoever are the ROH World Tag Team Champions at BEST IN THE WORLD! This weekend at ROAD THE BEST IN THE WORLD NIGHT #2, The Briscoes have their chance to become the 9 time ROH World Tag Team Champions when they challenge reDRagon. The Briscoes are currently scheduled to take on Matt Hardy & Michael Bennett in Grudge Tag Team match, however should they win they will face Daniels & Kazarian. When reached for comment Jay Briscoe stated "We'll defend the belts against Kaz & Daniels, then we'll whip that piece of **** Matt Hardy's ass too, showing everyone why we are the Baddest Tag Team on The Planet, LIVE on Pay Per View."

    The team of "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian debuts in ROH at BEST IN THE WORLD and we'll find out who they are going to face this Saturday night in Collinsville!


    At WAR OF THE WORLDS, Kevin Steen faced NJPW star Shinsuke Nakamura in a once in a lifetime battle. The Hammerstein Ballroom was split between Steen and Nakamura, showering both men with streamers and chanting. In the end, Nakamura would come out victorious, but the New York City fans were still on their feet for Kevin Steen after the match.

    Steen took the microphone and had a heart-to-heart with the fans and the locker room - right in the middle of the ring. He explained that he hasn't always been happy in Ring of Honor. This, of course, is no secret to anyone: Kevin Steen has always been a corporate nightmare. At one point, he even attempted to wipe out ROH all together. Despite the past - at the very core - this is his home.

    But after failing to win back the ROH World Title at GLOBAL WARS and falling to Shinsuke Nakamura night, Kevin Steen announced it felt like it was time for him to take a step away from Ring of Honor. It was an intensely emotional moment as the crowd begged Steen not to go.

    And then out came Silas Young.

    Styling himself as the "Last Real Man In Professional Wrestling," Young has never even shy about expressing his low opinion of the ROH locker room. He ran down all the champions as weak...but then he praised Kevin Steen for also being a "real" man - the only other real man in Ring of Honor. That is, of course, until he stood in the middle of the Hammerstein Ballroom and cried to the fans.

    Steen wanted no part of Young's complaining and attempted to leave. But then Silas Young mentioned Kevin's young son. The ultimate insult. How does his son feel knowing his father is a quitter?


    Immediately, a huge brawl erupted. Security frantically tried to separate the two men. For their troubles, they themselves were attacked by an enraged Kevin Steen. Fueled by this insult to his family, Steen took out the entire security brigade. But in the melee, Silas Young managed to escape.

    But he can't run forever. Confirmed for BEST IN THE WORLD: Kevin Steen vs. Silas Young!

    LIVE on PPV on June 22nd, Silas Young and Kevin Steen will be in an ROH ring together once again. This is an officially sanctioned match, but once you bring a man's family into the equation - you better prepare for a fight.


    Matt Taven was the longest tenured ROH World Television Champion of all time. And while he held the title, HOOPLA reigned supreme. Taven was surrounded by parties, Hotties...and Truth Martini.

    But before all the HOOPLA, there stood The House of Truth. And before he was known for taking his pants off, ROH was acquainted with a very different Truth Martini. The leader of The House of Truth called himself a Life Intervention Expert. He was as sinister as he was influential, leading men like Roderick Strong and Michael Elgin to success.

    And initially, that same dark influence ensnared Matt Taven as well. The winner of the Top Prospect Tournament, Taven was no doubt courted by other managers and counselors. But it was Truth Martini who convinced Taven to step into The House of Truth.

    The new Martini-Taven partnership ushered in HOOPLA...and many in Ring of Honor forgot all about the old Truth Martini. Perhaps even Taven himself forgot just how dark his guru could be while blinded by glitter and girls.

    In New Orleans, The House of Truth opened its doors once again - and in stepped Jay Lethal.

    Long frustrated with his fortunes in ROH, Lethal was looking for a change. An edge. The Truth. Fans were absolutely shocked to see the usually noble Jay Lethal resort to less than honorable tactics. But even more than that, they were shocked to see the return of what we now know must be the real Truth Martini.

    And in New Orleans, Matt Taven realized just how devious his former mentor is when Truth Martini used the Book of Truth to assault Taven, going so far later as trying to blind him and end his career for good. Meanwhile, Jay Lethal has benefitted from the constant interference of his new manager. Truth's interference when so far in New York that he was eventually ejected from the match.

    But in Nashville at BEST IN THE WORLD, Truth Martini WILL be at ringside. In fact, he won't have the option to be anywhere else. It's been decided: on June 22nd Matt Taven gets a shot at Jay Lethal's World TV Title...and Truth Martini will be HANDCUFFED to the ring post!

    The rivalry between Taven and Lethal is long and simmering. Live on PPV, Matt Taven has the chance to show the world why he was more than just HOOPLA. But Jay Lethal coveted the TV title so much that sold his honor to finally get it back. There's no telling what lengths he'll go to in keeping it. Meanwhile, Truth Martini has no choice but to stand in the middle of the action - no matter what happens!

    The ROH World Television Title is on the line LIVE on PPV June 22nd when Ring of Honor presents BEST IN THE WORLD!


    Cedric Alexander is one of the fastest rising stars in all of professional wrestling. As War of the Worlds approached, Cedric was poised to have "the" match - the opportunity of a lifetime in front of not just ROH fans, but the entire world. One on one versus Kazuchika Okada.

    But thanks to The Decade, Cedric Alexander was unable to compete at War of the Worlds. After a brutal beat down and disgusting backbreaker onto a pile of chairs, ROH officials refused to clear Alexander.

    The biggest opportunity of his entire life gone...exactly what Roderick Strong wanted.

    According to Strong, Cedric is the perfect example of a young, untested athlete who hasn't put in the time and work that "veterans" of the ring like he, Jimmy Jacobs, and BJ Whitmer have. The Decade have launched a campaign against the younger generation. Some, like Adam Page and Tadarius Thomas, bowed their heads and accepted the bullying.

    Cedric Alexander fought back.

    And while that resistance to The Decade may have cost him a match in the Hammerstein Ballroom, we can confirm now that Cedric Alexander WILL be in action when ROH comes to PPV at Best In The World. And he'll have his opportunity for revenge against Roderick Strong...in a Submission Match!

    No pinfalls will be counted. In this match, the only way to win is this the ultimate show of dominance: getting your opponent to give up.

    Will Cedric Alexander tap out to the Strong Hold? Or is June 22nd the night Roderick Strong is finally forced into humility? We'll find out in Nashville LIVE on PPV at BEST IN THE WORLD '14!


    Ring of Honor's first ever live Pay Per View BEST IN THE WORLD is Sunday June 22nd in Nashville, TN. Just added to this historic night: The Briscoes vs. Matt Hardy and Michael Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis. This grudge match is months in the making and is sure to explode in Nashville.

    The history between Matt Hardy and Jay Briscoe could speak for itself. Matt Hardy was the guy to jump off the top turnbuckle onto Jay Briscoe's chair wrapped shoulder, which led to his forfeiting the ROH World Championship. A championship that would later be won by Hardy's secret protege Adam Cole. After Jay bravely presented the ROH Championship to Adam Cole, he was blasted in the back of the head with the title. A move that we later found out was orchestrated from the advice of Cole's mentor, Matt Hardy.

    Hardy and Cole's actions caused Jay Briscoe to become obsessed with championship gold. Claiming that he was never beaten for the ROH World Championship, Jay created his own championship which he labeled the "Real World Championship." At Supercard of Honor 8 Jay finally got the chance to compete for the right to call himself the undisputed world champion. In doing so, he put up his "Real World Championship" in an effort to unify it with Adam Cole's ROH World Championship. But on this night Jay still wouldn't get a clean championship opportunity as Matt Hardy again interfered and helped Cole capture both titles.

    To make matters worse, a week later on ROH television, Adam Cole presented Jay Briscoe's "Real World Championship" to Matt Hardy as a token of his appreciation. Matt Hardy renamed the championship the "ICONIC Championship" and plastered a picture of his own face on the title. Following Ladder War at Supercard of Honor, Jay Briscoe was again injured leaving his future in doubt.

    On that same night Mark Briscoe faced Michael Bennett in a no disqualification match. In the weeks leading up to the event Michael Bennett aligned himself with both the ROH World Champion Adam Cole and "The Icon" Matt Hardy. In an idea inspired by Maria Kanellis the three of them combined to become "The Holy Trinity." With Cole and Hardy set on taking out Jay Briscoe, Bennett set his sights on Mark Briscoe to make sure he wouldn't be a factor in their plans.

    In their Supercard match, Mark and Bennett brawled all over the arena and into the bleachers in New Orleans. Maria proved to be the equalizer as she took a kendo stick out of the hands of Mark and nailed him across the back with it. Bennett was then able to hit The Box Office Smash on top of a steel chair. Bennett continued to beat Mark with a chair before wrapping one around Mark's neck and striking him over the head with another chair shot. The injuries Mark suffered in this match also left his future in doubt.

    After a few weeks of absence due to the injuries sustained by Matt Hardy and Michael Bennett, the Briscoes made a shocking return to ROH TV. Since then they've sworn to take out "The Holy Trinity." First on their agenda are Hardy and Bennett, the two guys who almost cost them their careers. These two teams will fight it out on June 22nd live on Pay Per View, and it won't be for the weak at heart. When asked about finally getting a chance at redemption against Hardy and Bennett, Mark Briscoe's only response was "it's gonna be violent."

    It’s a Grudge Tag Team Match THE BRISCOES vs MATT HARDY & MICHAEL BENNETT w/ Maria Kanellis when Ring of Honor presents BEST IN THE WORLD live on Pay Per View June 22nd from Nashville, TN. Contact your local cable providers for ordering details. You can't miss the biggest night in Ring of Honor history.


    The week has finally arrived! THIS SUNDAY, Ring of Honor goes LIVE on PPV for BEST IN THE WORLD '14! But we haven't finished announcing all the action you can expect to see from Nashville...
    ROH Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness has the often unenviable task of monitoring all the various title holders and title contenders, trying to figure out who deserves future opportunity and whose ROH stock is on the rise. Trying to juggle all the top-caliber talent in ROH is never an easy job. When it comes to the World Television Title, the championship match could ONLY stem from the heated rivalry between Matt Taven and current champion Jay Leghal. On Sunday, these enemies will square off with the title on the line - and Truth Martini handcuffed to a ring post! But as far as the future of the TV title, McGuinness is faced with a wide open field of viciously hungry contenders.
    So the Matchmaker has decided: at BEST IN THE WORLD, six men gunning for gold will compete in 6 MAN MAYHEM!
    This is guaranteed to be a high energy, high stakes match! The winner will receive a future World TV Title shot. For someone like NJPW's Takaaki Watanabe, rocketing into TV Title contention would make him huge player here in the states. But for a former champion like "The Sicilian Psychopath" Tommaso Ciampa, this Sunday is his chance to prove he belongs back in the hunt for the title he proudly held and defended all around the world. Meanwhile, former Adrenaline RUSH partners will be opponents for the first time when ACH and Tadarius Thomas both compete for their future! Thomas might want to keep an eye on his "vet" BJ Whitmer, too. Although they've acted as partners representing The Decade, there's no way Whitmer is going to step aside for his "young boy" - especially not when a title shot is on the line! And the entire Decade has had their share of problems with Caprice Coleman, who surely wants to pull out his own victory while also ensuring the locker room bullies of ROH stay far away from championships.
    It all goes down in less than a week! Headed to Nashville? Purchase your BEST IN THE WORLD tickets
    ! But even if you can't be there live, you can watch on PPV! Click
    for a list of providers and HERE to watch on
    SUNDAY, JUNE 22nd, 2014
    Tennessee State Fairgrounds/Expo
    625 Smith Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203
    6:30 PM CST Local bell time / 8:00 PM EST / 7:00pm CST Live On Pay Per View
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  2. Chris Daniels & Frankie Kazarian vs. Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly? Sign me up
  3. Damn, are the Briscoes the best act in wrestling or what?
    And also, I've expressed my love of BI vs ReDRagon earlier. I love it.
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  4. Love ROH same as Leo huge fan of reDRagon.
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  7. When is this? Were Global Wars and War of the Worlds still the last PPV's? I lack ROH knowledge and am just gonna watch all the big shows.
  8. june 22nd. War of the worlds was ippv. best in the world will be a legit ppv
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  9. Result ROH is fuelling my entire wrestling interest atm.
  10. OP updated with the card and the thread is live. Let's do this people!
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  18. This Mandy girl is a pretty good wrestler, she debuted on Future of Honor some time ago.
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