Best independent mic workers

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Jun 13, 2013.

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  1. When people think independent wrestling they mostly think of long, technical matches. But there are some pretty damn good speakers that have come out of the indpendents. Guys like CM Punk, Chris Hero and Nigel McGuinness for example.

    In this thread I figured we could list some of the best talkers to either be active on, or to have come out of the independents.

    I'll start with a shout out to the late Larry Sweeney, Mr. Sweet n Sour himself.
    Dude was a beast on the stick. Gone too soon.
  2. Currently I love Gargano, he's so natural in his flow.
  3. Kingston makes his brutal street brawler character very believable with his mic worker.
  4. obligatory 'hey I don't watch much Indie wrestling but that Kevin Steen guy talks a good game' post
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    Adam Cole, when he speaks I will listen.

    I find Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly to be very entertaining. The way they act, dress, speak and wrestle puts them up there for me. Kyle has improved a lot since being with Fish.

    Kevin Steen, obvious reasons.

    Johnny Gargano, obvious reasons.

    and as for guys who don't cut too many "pipe bomb" or "menacing" promos, Chuck Taylor and Colt Cabana for comedic wrestlers. They know how to get over while in a match.

    Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino are GODS
  6. Jimmy jacobs,Chuck Taylor,Gargano,Fish,cole
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