Best independent wrestler right now?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Jul 27, 2013.

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  1. These kind of discussions appear from time to time and I figured it was due time for another one.

    Which independent wrestler is the best right now in your opinion? If you want to you can split it into catagories (best talker, best tag team, best technician etc etc). Lets see if we can get some interesting discussions going, which should be fairly easy considering the plethora of guys active on the independents right now.

    The best talker right now is either Steen, Eddie Kingston or Tim Donst for me. All three have built characters that hide their flaws and their mic work is really really good and huge parts of their respective characters.

    Best tag team: Young Bucks, hands down right now. Super Smash Bros and Inner City Machine Guns are close but the bucks have them beat.

    Best technician: bobby Fish, Insanely solid technician with good heel mannerisms.

    Best high flyer: Ricochet. Any show Ricochet is on is must see. He is that damn good.

    Best overall/worker: Johnny Gargano. He isn't the best of any particular category but he is damn good at it all and it evens out to an insanely solid and good worker who seems to be working everywhere right now. He'll be in the WWE by summer 2014 easy.

    Who are your picks?

  2. Kevin Steen is somehwere on here #GenericChoice.

    Bucks are brilliant, Cant think of why anyone would dislike em.

    Ricochet is a godly flyer.
  3. I'll give the best promos to Kingston, he's a born talker. Not too impressive otherwise, but damn he can talk. Jay Briscoe would be a close second in my book.

    Best tag team I'll give to reDRagon because I don't like The Bucks and haven't for a while. reDRagon have been putting on the best tag matches as of late so I'll give it to them.

    Bobby Fish is probably the best technical wrestler on the indies. The only other name that springs up is Eddie Edwards and Bobby > him.

    Best high flier is a toss up between Ricochet and AR Fox. Ricochet is better from an athletic standpoint, but Fox tops him when it comes to doing crazy shit and that's not a knock on Ricochet. Fox just seems to give no fucks whatsoever.

    As for the total package, I'll give it to Adam Cole with Gargano in second. Cole can play both a convincing face or heel, has built himself up a lot since 2012 and has had some stellar matches over the last 12 months. Gargano is a pretty weak heel imo, that's what drags him down in this category.

    I'll add another category if I may, next big thing. The guy who's yet to get a lot of exposure but is sure to be hot shit in the future. I give it to Tony Nese who I'm predicting to have a great BOLA turn out with Shane Hollister following him and getting a notable run in CZW/EVOLVE by the end of the year.
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  4. Agreed on Neese being the next big thing. To add to Neese I'll throw in Younger (the rub he is getting in PWG will pay off, despite being pretty bad at the wrestling aspect, his willingness to take a beating will get him far) and All Ego Ethan Page who works out of AIW. Probably the best guy out there at playing a douchebag. He'll be big in like five years.
  5. I've only heard of Ethan Page but never bothered to check him out. Other guys that I would throw in are Caleb Konley, ACH, Cedric Alexander and Tommy End if he chooses to come over to the US to wrestle, the guy is a fucking monster. Check him out.
  6. Matt Cross,Johnny Garagno

    These next two are huge inspirations
    Gregory Iron and Zach Gowen.
  7. Nice choices of ACH and Konley, big fan of both. You can find a free match between Page and Colin Delaney on AIW's youtube (Delaney himself is a completely different athlete compared to WWE now).

  8. I seen Colin Delaney in some Chikara match that I was watching for Gods knows what reason and he entertained me a lot.
  9. Tag team definitely Young Bucks. I think Adam Cole is one of the hottest indy stars right now so I think I'll give that to him. Definitely agree with your choice of Bobby Fish for best technician. Best talker I might go with Steve Corino, but yea Steen for sure.
  10. Young Bucks, Tony Nese, Ricochet, Adam Cole and Steen are my Top 5 atm, with many others like Cage, Elgin, Edwards, Younger and Jigsaw getting a spot in Top 10.
  11. I've enjoyed Adam Coles work in PWG a lot so I'm going to go with him on this one.
  12. Nese, Elgin, Cage, Silas Young, Andrew Everett, Bucks, Ricochet, Caleb Konley, Ciampa, ACH, Jon Davis, Bennett, Adam Cole and Gargano have all impressed me this year. They seem really solid.
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  13. Andrew Everett is the fucking man, bro
  14. Bucks without a shadow of a doubt are the best tag team probably anywhere right now. They always have classic matches and are so entertaining to watch,their mannerisms and there all round douchbag characters are amazing.

    ACH is pretty fucking amazing as well
  15. Indeed he is.
  16. I agree, i'm really loving adam
  17. Jay Briscoe, his promos (to me) are pure gold.
  18. No one has said Matt Hardy :okay:
  19. Let's go OReilly!
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