Best match of the decade?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jonathan, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. I'm torn between John Cena/CM Punk @ MiTB and Shawn Michaels/Undertaker at WM 26.
    Both 5* matches.

    Only WWE and solely from the wrestling.
    Yours is?
  2. It's hard for anything to beat Taker vs Michaels to be honest. Not even Punk vs Cena comes close in terms of the actual wrestling match itself. The only way it could compete is the crowd, and story, but Takers match with Shawn had that too.
  3. Are we talking solely from a wrestling standpoint or are we including the atmosphere and what not? Also only WWE?
  4. Only WWE and solely from the wrestling.

    I'll add that to the OP @[seabs]
  5. In that case Punk / Cena had a few too many botches imo so I'm gonna go HBK / Taker wm 26. I can't recall one botch in that entire match it was a clinic on execution for me. I'm gonna have to re-watch that actually.
  6. Same, I suppose it'll be on YouTube yeah? Also, what do you think was better, WM 25 or WM 26 (only comparing those two matches).
  7. WM 26 was better IMHO, even though Taker looked ragged.
  8. 25:


    Saved you the search lol.
    I'd say 26 was the better match tbh more emotion was there imo. With Shawn trying to run the perfect match. Plus 25 had that botch with takers over the top rope dive. What's about you?
  9. Thanks for that mate! But yes I still agree, 26 > 25 :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. I'd agree. Mainly because of the stakes. There was no single botch either, but the emotion of the thought Shawn ending his career. This will actually help show people how good this match is, most people in the IWC knew Shawn was retiring that year so it's a certainty Taker would win, but during the match no one had a fucking clue. Geniuses in the ring. Taker is underrated in my opinion.
  11. I feel his so massively under-rated because of the fact he only has 1 match a year :/
  12. Even before that though. He's in many peoples favourite match ever nominations but never gets credit for being an exceptional wrestler, especially for his size. The stuff he does aswell...
  13. I love his suicide dive. I mark every time. It's crazy that a 6ft 10in dude can move like he can :emoji_hushed:

    You have no idea how many times I said holy shit when I was watching this live:

  14. Exactly. I mean "Old School" is a move which is amazing for his size too.
  15. Not many people can balance like him! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: