Best match of the Shield so far?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roi, Mar 29, 2013.

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  1. For me , gotta be the TLC match ...That match was just..perfect .
  2. TLC Match.
  3. TLC definitely. MOTYC imo.
  4. TLC was a dope brawl with a strong crowd.
  5. Definitely their TLC match, simply incredible on all counts.
  6. Easily their TLC match.
  7. They've had like 3 matches.
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  8. TLC match for sure.
  9. TLC all the way.

    Amazing spots, great play.
  10. TLC without a doubt.
  11. Oh, their TLC match by far (like everyone else has say). The only complaint I could conjure up about it was that every now and again King decided he was going to comment. But what made the TLC match so special to me is that everybody got a moment to shine. Everyone was allowed a moment to prove how bad-ass they were. The Shield mostly did this as a cohesive unit, proving just how in-sync they were but they still had their moments on their own that stand out. It was the perfect compliment to the persona we've been treated to in their promos, how they really did came off as one (unlike the Nexus) but did so without sacrificing their individual characters (of course, Nexus for the most part did sacrifice individual characters . . . okay, I'll stop my hating on them). Besides them, Ryback, Bryan, & Kane all got moments were they were doing great against all three. They weren't long moments, but sparse enough that each one stood out and left an impact. Like when Daniel Bryan locked in the Omoplata Crossface on all three in a row. Plus, Team Hell No even had a small moment to work. Everyone was vital, the spots were awesome, and it's definitely one of the best matches of last year and in my opinion one of the best TLC matches every.

    The only other match worth mentioning is their Chamber match which I loved, because A) it was The Shield beating John Cena, Ryback, & Sheamus & B) I totally called it but it doesn't really have what their TLC bout had. It was an enjoyable match all throughout, but I find it ridiculous to think it's on the same level as their TLC match.
  12. Neither. Their matches suck.
  13. No other than the TLC match
  14. They're all gonna be terrible until they lose. I mean, come one, it's pretty damn unrealistic that three nobody's from NXT take out greats like Ryback and Jericho, in fair tag matches.

  15. Nobodies? Pretty sure they are 3 of WWE's hottest prospects in the last ten years. And that's if you only look at their WWE careers alone. Add in Seth and Dean's work outside of the WWE and Roman's lineage (his family is wrestling royalty) and you have three guys who are far from nobodies.
  16. Dude, they were on NXT, those people are all horrible
  17. I'm unsure what level of kayfabe you're at, but if you're a "hardcore fan" (or "smark" as it's called", you should know that all new wrestlers signed to the WWE go into development. Before NXT it was FCW, but now it's simply NXT. Daniel Bryan is the probably the best wrestler in the world, and he was in FCW for a bit (all be it voluntarily).

    Those three guys probably have the most potential out of the current development batch, if you discount Bray Wyatt and Kassius Ohno. Being in NXT doesn't effect them at all, but if you're finding it difficult to grasp "kayfabe" (Google it if you don't know what it means) then I can understand why you think of them as nobodies.

    The reason they have a high chance of winning is A.) they're fantastic talents who will be big assets to WWE in the future and B.) they are entertaining and probably won't be booked to split up this soon.

    @Stopspot - remember that not all wrestling fans understand the business as well as others.
  18. [​IMG]

    lol, NXT > The majority of the main roster. I'm guessing you don't watch the show. Actually I don't need to go that far considering your favourite star is Sheamus.
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