Best Match Promo vids?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by victor kwon, Aug 21, 2013.

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  1. (sorry if this thread has been made before)

    I'm not talking about when a wrestler stands in front of the camera and talks, I'm talking about the heavily edited 3-5 minute hype video that shows the build up to a PPV match.

    Those were always one of my favorite things about wrestling. The drama. The suspense. The excitement.

    Link a vid to your favorite and tell us why!
  2. Ah, nice thread. Love those as well.

    This is easily one of my favorites of all time. Explained a lot and showed the story. Love it.
  3. For me, there's a lot of great ones. But one of my favorites will always be the Goldberg / Rock Backlash 2003 promo. Even though Rock lost (and lost BIG time), it just showed how no one was like him. No one could be heel and still loved like The Rock. It was also a very special match because it was The Rock's last match before he went full time in Hollywood. The last time we'd see The Rock in his prime.
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  4. Liked this promo because it shows Angle fulled with anger and Eddie trolling him to the max. Angle whining about honor while he doesn't even do much things honorable, and Eddie bragging about cheating. The emotion into it was great too when Eddie said Kurt took his dream.
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  5. The one for Angle vs Booker when Angle looks into the camera like a psycho and says "beastiality sex"
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