Best mic work of the PG era?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. What specific promos stick in your mind when you think of exceptional mic work? Obviously CM Punks shoot is going to be top of most of your lists, so I'll post the video for you :emoji_slight_smile:.

    One's for me are Miz' promo as US Champion and multiple promos as wwe champion. He's for me been the stand out star in more recent years. Post yours :emoji_slight_smile:.

  2. Am I the only one who doesn't really like punks shoot that much as an actual promo? Re watching it without the shock of when it initial happened it seems abit plain imo. I prefer his work when he was feuding with hardy tbh.
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  3. I disagree. His mic work makes it believable, even after we know it's a worked shoot he still looks believable there. It was pretty fantastic. Rocks return doesn't really count lol was wanting more PG stars.
  4. Add Mark Henry to this list for that amazing promo a couple weeks ago
  5. Honestly, I've always enjoyed Cena's work on the mic when he's in his troll moods. He's the only reason I was interested in Rock vs Cena.
  6. Miz is so awesome :jeritroll:
  7. Said no one ever.
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  8. Said I.
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  9. I've liked the Miz since 2007. Not a big fan of the face thing but all his heel work was great.
  10. I'm with you on that
  11. Im not a fan, In my opinion, He is on the list of worst in ring workers to hold the WWE Title (There has been a lot worse but he is on that imo) and him on the mic for me is mediocre, Again its my opinion.
  12. Have you been watching his work since returning from shooting the marine? He's stepped up the ring work immensely, still not a great technician but he isn't bad.
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  13. He's average, nothing worth being admired for
  14. Yeah a bit, That figure four is horrible and he needs to stop doing it now. He has improved a lot yes but still not great, When he held the title he was no where near as good as he is now, I dont know what WWE were thinking.
  15. Heel Miz on mic: Great
    Face Miz on mic: Disgusting
    Plus, he is awful in the ring, so he has nothing going for him as a face.
  16. Not sure why people do this. I'm still a Miz fan, it's not something I am embarrassed about. A motivated Miz can cut some damn good promos.
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  17. CM Punk's pipebomb was great yeah but also this was great:

  18. I have figure four reasons why you shouldn't like Miz
  19. I enjoyed R-Truth's promo work when he was a heel.