Best moment of your life 2013

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  1. Post the best moment of your life this year.

    Mine was seeing The Happy Mondays one of the great Manchester Hacienda bands. Was too young first time round so seeing them on the anniversary tour this year was a huge moment. Great party atmosphere with a crowd ranging from 18-60 so much fun everyone drunk, messy and dancing like loons. Plus BEZ. What a legend. The band that bankrupt a record label due to excessive partying.

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  2. Seeing AJ Styles run past me :gusta:
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  3. Newcastle 0 Sunderland 3
    Sunderland 2 Newcastle 1
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  4. :boss1:Joining the site:win:

    Actually got to see a live WWE house show for the first time this year as well. Good year all around for me in wrestling related topics.
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  5. Some poor unfortunate fell in love with me and made me happy
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  6. Probably Morbid Angel this past month. Went with the new girlie, fucking cool ass venue and bar (everything was fucking black and fancy), lots of drinks, great performance and it was cool hanging out in Hollywood beforehand and just getting random drinks and food. Just fun times all around.

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  7. Having my son turn 1, getting engaged, and joining here. Met some cool people
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  8. Birth of my second baby.
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  9. Starting training, stepping into and training in a ring for the first time and certainly not the last, some close family moving back to the UK, overcoming some things, finding wrestling forums some bad times even more good times and Xmas when I get to spend time with my family. Its not been a great year for me.
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    Nah jk. Congrats man :obama:
  11. Junior Perfect :yay:

    Congratz man :obama:
  12. Well I can't top children being born and getting engaged! :annoyed:


    I guess for this year it was taking in the 3 kittens. I know that seems small and something that happens often, but taking in 3 kittens, bottle feeding them and getting them past their sickness was rewarding for me. All the more so because we are going to keep them.

    Also, preparing to buy a home all year. Getting paper work together, money situated, jobs, ect. Again, nothing major, but it is setting up a great future for my husband and I.
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  13. Getting a job.
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  14. This year? When i walked home from Huber at 4am and got home around 6. I had a bottle of expensive scotch, a 2lb steak (it was amazing) and some asparagus/green beans to cook. I had an awesome meal and passed out for a solid 12 hours.

    Don't drink and drive kids.
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  15. Travelling to Indonesia to spend one month with my best friend.
  16. Not to mention dat first blowjob :lol1:
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  17. 2013 actually sucked for me for the most part. So nothing really stands out other than going to a concert (VIP) and seeing the dude performing steps away from me. (He was watching the opening acts)
  18. I can't think of anything that was good this year. I'm not saying it was awful, but there wasn't really a "best" moment for me.
  19. I'd have to say traveling up to West Seneca to visit a couple of old friends, and some family members.
    Also, I have to mention joining this forum for the cheap pops.
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  20. Breaking up with my ex-girlfriend :happy:
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