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A-gain? A-gain. Let’s groove to volume 4 of the best Chris Jericho #ALittleBitOfTheBubbly memes and mashups.

The hits keep coming and coming, so I’m going to add some honorable mentions: the Friends theme (here), Whitney Houston will always love bubbly (here), everything Bryan Adams does is for the bubbly (here), the short fellow from Game of Thrones (here), and what The Notebook wants (here).

We’ll start with a t-shirt idea.

New T-Shirt for the new Stable Lead by @IAmJericho & @SpikeTrivet1 #ALittleBitOfTheBubbly

— The Game Boyz (@GameBoyzUK) September 4, 2019
That would be so awesome if AEW followed through with a Bubbly Club faction led by Jericho. Maybe there will be a good chance of that happening since executive vice president Cody Rhodes needs...

When your therapist tells you to get more human interaction and develop relationships with your family:#ALittleBitOfTheBubbly

— HiResHero (@hireshero) September 4, 2019
In honor of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin returning to Madison Square Garden with WWE to stun AJ Styles last night, his theme song gets the treatment.

OK surely there's room for one more? #ALittleBitOfTheBubbly @IAmJericho

— JB (@SUPERZOMGBBQ) September 6, 2019
Cagesider JimmyV723 made one with Willy Wonka. What I like is that Wonka’s words sound like something Jericho would say himself in a rant.

Here's my contribution to the @IAmJericho #littlebitofthebubbly epicness...

— Jimmy V (@JimmyV723) September 6, 2019
After all these years, I never knew that I misread Shawn Michaels’ lips when he retired Ric Flair.

The Jackson 5 have a hit by blaming it on the bubbly. This is one of my faves in the music category due to Jericho’s singing noises.

Dear @IAmJericho AKA #LeChampion DONT FORGET TO BLAME IT ON THE BUBBLY #ALittleBitOfTheBubbly #Bubbly @AEWrestling

— Jonny Mills (@jonnyleemills) September 7, 2019
This next image may have happened to you.

Hey @IAmJericho, not quite the same but still ‍♂

— Jack (@JABrownie_45) September 5, 2019
We’ll finish volume 4’s memes and mashups with new audio from the moon landing.

When you hear the alternate audio from Apollo 11, your mind will be blown. @IAmJericho

— Andrew Delbaere (@adelbaere) September 9, 2019
Since Jericho gave us that glorious line #ALittleBitOfTheBubbly that inspired so much fun, it only seems fitting to plug his new single, “Nowhere to Run.” This one is not a meme. It’s a real song from his band, Fozzy. Rock on!

If you missed past editions, check out:

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