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  1. Here are some of my favorite ECW matches. Feel free to add more.

    Terry Funk vs. Sabu (Barbed Wire Match PT 1) (Part 2)

    December To Dismember - Sandman vs Steve Austin vs Mikey Whipwreck

    Mike Awesome vs Masato Tanaka

    Rhino vs Sandman (Hardcore Heaven)

    Feel free to add matches that you thought were great :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. RVD and Sabu vs Hayabusa & Jinsei Shinzaki

    It's a spot fest sure but god it's entertaining.

    Eddie Guerrero vs Dean Malenko

    I could have picked any of their matches. Just phenomenal in ring talents.

    Tajiri vs Super Crazy

    Just watch it. A great wrestling match.

    RVD vs Jerry Lynn

    I consider this to be one of the greatest matches in ECW history definitely top 5.

    Bam Bam Bigelow vs Taz

    Tazz looks a to be a real threat to Bam Bam here which is a surprise for such as size difference. See the spot on the ramp it was epic.

    Rey Mysterio vs Psicosis

    Full of great spots especially Rey's 450 into a hurracanrana. Just a great spectacle.
  3. Dang dude, those are some nice picks you chose. I'm going to watch the Tajiri one and the Rey Mysterio one. Great matches though. In my opinion, I think that ECW was way more entertaining to watch rather then the WWE. Action-wise anyway. I miss EC-Dub.
  4. Was going to say wait for @[seabs] to bomb this thread :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    I missed that ECW period unfortunately, only saw the "crap" ECW period. Those Rey matches though, they're pretty intense.
  5. You'd like the ECW period @[Crayo]. Lots of great matches filled with brutality and hell. The ECW period is probably best known as a hardcore hell show. It's filled with weapons and great superstars like the Sandman and Tommy Dreamer.

    It was my favorite wrestling show when it was on. Still wasn't as big as the WWE, but WWE eventually owned it.
  6. I'm a fan of hardcore matches but I'm not the biggest fan of pools of blood. Rare for a WWE fan but I hated the sight of blading. I miss some of the old spots in the real hardcore matches yes and from what I remember (compiled with lots of YT videos) the ECW crowd were ruthless :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  7. ECW wasn't about being hardcore it was about being revolutionary. It just so happened that hardcore wrestling was the next step. ECW had phenomenal non hardcore moments including Austin's shoots on WCW, Shane Douglas throwing down the belt, Eddie and Malenko tearing down the house in 1995 and the luchadores who would later form part of WCW's cruiser-weight division. Hardcore wrestling is garbage like CZW. ECW told stories mixed in with the big spots. There was more to it then the brutality.
  8. Great post. Didn't mean to sound as if ECW only had hardcore matches, that's probably what most wrestling associate ECW the most with though, that's a fair statement I feel. ECW like you say had a lot more from what I've seen. Great matches quite regularly and very intense edgy promos.
  9. ECW was the better brand by far @[Crayo], but WWE eventually took it over, and made it into trash. I absolutely hated it.
  10. It wasn't bad when it was first brought back imo. It when down hill when Vince thought he could book it better then Heyman for me. Take for example that extreme elimination chamber match, Heyman wanted Punk to make Show tap early in the match but Vince wanted Show to look like a monster so Lashley had more odds to over come.
  11. ECW Barely Legal was one of the best PPV's of all time!

    And all Foley's anti hardcore an anti ecw promos were unreal an the crowd still loved him when he left!

    Think we should bring back the "you fucked up" chant!
  12. That part I really didn't mind about the elimination chamber. It was the part about Vince trying to take control of ECW and trying to make it like RAW or Smackdown. ECW was a show filled with way more action, and Vince ruined it.
  13. Also no one can book like Heyman, he gave wrestlers so much creative control and it worked. Was an unreal promotion the fans loved it an were in turn respected by the wrestlers an Heyman to the point they'd admit when they fucked up but the fans respected that! best fans in the biz they knew everythin!
  14. In my words, ECW was fake, but no where near as fake as WWE is.
  15. Foley did cut some of his best promos in ECW especially the Cane Dewey one.

    Plus the Dudley's got legendary heat.

  16. @[RKO] OMG the dudleys heat wit joel gertner is amazing.

  17. Dudleys made a great tag team, that's for sure. I liked that feud too.
  18. So true. Why WWE won't bring him back baffles the hell out of me.
  19. Vince wants to control everything and Paul wants full control of creative. It's the same reason he won't go to TNA.
  20. @[Crayo] would love that and some commentary as the guy can work a mic!