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  1. Hey all,

    Just for shits and giggles, I'd like to hear everyone's best experience with a one night stand....I know we've all had them, so please share your story. Don't hold back and please be honest.
  2. ECW One Night Stand 06

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  3. [​IMG]

    Got the job done till I didn't need it anymore
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  4. Went to Madison, WI for Freakfest one halloween. Ended up at a random house party completely blitzed. Saw a hot girl in a poison ivy costume. Picture this:

    I go up to her and ask her if she wants to dance. She said yes and we spend about 30 mins dancing to various songs. Mostly grinding, slow dancing, etc. Eventually the song 'Splash Waterfalls' by Ludacris comes on.

    She is grinding nice and slow and sexy and starts whispering the lyrics of the song into my ear which include 'make love to me' and 'fuck me'. This of course created a big problem for me.


    At this point I'm beyond turned on and I grab her hand and tell her to come with me. I take her upstairs to the bathroom and close the door. She asks me, 'What are we doing?'. I say, 'I'm going to fuck you'. And I did.
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  5. Bravo....I sir, envy you!!!!

    You prob fuked my ex girlfriend...she always dressed up as Poison Ivy....:aries:
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  6. O shit lol.. where is she from?
  7. Roscoe, IL. lol
  8. OMG no way! lmao jk
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  9. lmfao. I wouldn't have cared....and honestly it wouldn't surprise me...the whore.
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  10. Good attitude lol. What's your best experience?
  11. My one night stand:
    I was at a house party. Approx. 85 people showed up in this smaller sized house. It was in the middle of the summer. At the time, I lived near Rockford, IL which is surrounded by smaller towns, which means a lot of country-like girls would show up, younger and slightly older. Any who, every one was drinking, smoking, etc., and this girl with long blonde hair, holes in her jeans, slight country accent, kept grinding on me throughout the night. She would go chat it up with her friends now and then, then she'd come back to me and be extremely flirty.

    The night continued: we kissed, felt each other up, and I kept thinking in my mind, "please be 18...please be 18...." By this time, she's just as wasted as I am. As she pressed her ass on me again she leaned up and bit my neck saying, "does daddy wanna fuck me?"....I was practically hitting the floor at this point from being horny and drunk, but I responded saying, "daddy is going to fuck you very hard...and you've been a bad girl."

    Lol, I asked her if I could drive her home and she said yes...while we were in the car....we kissed again...and proceeded to go down on house was about 3 miles up the road so I just drove to my place instead.....once we got there, yeah, we fucked it out all night and she was quite the catch because she was up for anything.

    Come to find out, she was already taken by some guy and was mad at him and just wanted some revenge. At that point, I didn't care. Great sex. Great story.....never forget that girl.....

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  12. You're the piece of shit who my gf fucked to get back at me! :aries:
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  13. lmfao....can you blame me?!?!?!
  14. The only one night I had standing was when I was waiting for the Greyhound bus.
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  15.'re one night stand was with me...
  16. :angry: GOD DAMN IT
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  17. Do I divulge my stories to commoners?
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  18. All yo mommas!
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  19. I've had plenty of One Night Stands.

    I once stood for a whole night and a half as well.
  20. you sir, are creative.
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