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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Tombstone Piledriver, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. Ive had Avira (Free and paid version) for years now but the new one is horrific.

    Anyone know a good paid Anti Virus/internet security software?

    Im hearing Kaspersky and McCafee are where its at now.
  2. i just use the free AVG one :haha: not gonna pay for one
  3. Lol paid? :haha:

    Free AVG is the best way bro. Or avast.
  4. Microsoft security essentials is very good, it's free too.
  5. Free AVG and Free Avast are both great antiviruses. And if you feel that you need something more you can upgrade them to paid cheaply.
  6. Learn to pirate paid versions, noob.
  7. Would be ironic if he got infected from a pirated AV LOL.
  8. :no:

    There is literally no need for it though.
  9. [img=500x500][/img]
  10. Nothing wrong with MSE, not had a problem with it at all to be honest.

    Which paid ones would you recommend apart from Norton? (getting a hold of it isn't a problem).
  11. Norton is so so when it comes to antiviruses. Never ever EVER! use Panda. It becomes a virus in itself by the end. Locking down the entire computer to prevent viruses.
  12. Panda? Never heard of that one before, tried AVG before but didn't really like it, didn't really give it a chance though to be honest.
  13. Fixed.
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  14. I had norton paid version once. it ended up only scanning only 10,000 files every time it scanned the computer instead of the whole computer. I didnt know this until i decided to download a free anti virus and it scanned like a couple hundred thousand files and found literally a couple hundred viruses and keyloggers lol
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  15. Don't use one and just be careful what you do.
  16. This.

    I have cracked MBAM and use it for a full scan every two weeks, just leave it on whilst I sleep. :haha:
  17. I use advanced system care 5, as it also defeated a reason to get malewarebytes. Its free or paid, so i guess it counts. You're welcome.
  18. Would the MBAM runtime version count as a replacement for a 'normal' antivirus?
  19. Not wise to not have one unless you seriously know what you're doing AND only you use the computer.

    I don't have one at all, but if my family shared the PC I'd install ASAP. Wiggas be downloading free iphones.
  20. ^ I guess you dont need protection if you're doing it solo :dawg:
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