Best Part of 1,000th RAW?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Y2J Enigma, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. What do you think will be the best part of the 1,000th Raw? Mine will be all the old Atttude Era Legends returning. It'll be such great nostalgia... Hopefully Stone Cold Steve Austin does something that is crazy, as well. Maybe something like this. :finger: lol.. Well, what do you guys want to see on the milestone event next week?
  2. Wrestling. GOOD Wrestling.
  3. Bob Backlund will be there right? That'll be it.
  4. brock lesnar and heath slater
  5. Punk finally dropping the belt.

    It will feel strange to mark for Cena.
  6. punk losing
  7. punk wont lose

  8. Y U MAKE ME SAD? :((
  9. For me,It will definitely be the DX reunion i am so damn excited and yes I AM READYYYYYYYYY!!!!
  10. yeah that will be awesome :win:
  11. DX Reunion will be dumb unless Brock comes out and whoops both their asses within the first few minutes.
  12. Permanent GM story could be good. Wedding also will be good. I'll say Rock's promo though.
  13. Just me who despises wedding angles in anything?
  14. Please jump off a bridge


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  15. No, not at all. I watch wrestling for wrestling, not chicks creaming their panties over some lame proposal then seeing a "wedding" the next week.

    That's just me though.
  16. Edge returning and all the other legends who will be showing up. I was going to be happy that Punk will probably lose his title but thinking about it, i'd rathar he had it then Cena.

  17. ^The chance that this could happen again, and if there is a God it will. Come on, Triple H, don't let me down.

    This feels like Wrestlemania earlier this year. They're doing a good job making it feel like a big show, but they haven't set up anything I actually care about. DX Reunion? Watered down. Brock returning? Triple H is returning too. Other Legends? Don't care. Wedding angle? Oh god no, get that shit out of here.

    Well, Cena/Punk could be good, but there's a guaranteed screwy finish. It could be retarded, but could set up the summer.
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  18. 1.DX
    2.Cena Vs Punk
  19. I'm quite interested in knowing who will the permanent GM be given the possibilities actually.
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