Best Piledrivers Ever!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by KITT, Mar 13, 2015.

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  1. You may notice I like these sort of generic threads. "BEST *insert whatever* EVER!"

    In my experience they're the least likely to spark stupid arguments etc either on my end of things or someone else! lol

    Anywho. Piledrivers.

    There's a ton of awesome ones. I'll go with the first that comes to mind. I can't get on YouTube to share a clip right now but I'll be happy to insert YouTubes after business hours. :emoji_wink:

    Off the top of my head I'll list the time that Rhino piledrove Sandman's wife off the apron through a table. Standard piledrivers had become somewhat passe for a while and he really brought it back in a big way with that one.
  2. That was certainly my favourite move. I enjoyed it in the old school NES "pro Wrestling" game. I would do that move to an opponent on the concrete floor and make them miss the count to get back into the ring.

    As for my fav. pile driver? I can't say I remember any specifically, they were all great!
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  3. Yeah I can't even say that Rhino one is my favorite. The piledriver is definitely in my top 3 favorite moves. It was the one that when I first started watching I had the hardest time figuring out how they didn't kill each other executing it. Now it's so straight forward to me, but it's still very impressive because how it could go so wrong.

    Each time I reply I'm sure I can name a different instance of a great piledriver. How about this one?

    DDP vs Macho Man - GAB 97. Their first war on PPV. Macho Man begins piledriving ALL the referees!!!! I saw it again recently and still popped huge for it.
  4. Double post, but obviously when Tommy piledrives RVD and RVD handsprings like 5 feet into the air to sell it.
  5. Ganso bomb. Alongside the OG Burning Hammer one of the most dangerous moves in wrestling if gone wrong.
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