Best(Pitch) In the world

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Danielson, Apr 6, 2013.

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  1. With WrestleMania 29 happening this Sunday at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey, WWE Superstar CM Punk decided to take in a ballgame on Friday night at Citi Field. The self-proclaimed "Best in the World" threw out the first pitch to Mets catcher John Buck after taking pointers from reliever LaTroy Hawkins.

    Punk took the opportunity to throw a jab at the Mets, telling them "it's probably the first time all season you'll have a decent pitcher on the mound."

    He also acknowledged the Twitter war he had with longtime Mets public relations director Jay Horwitz, saying "notoriously for 30 years, Jay Horwitz is just a big mouth." Big mouth or not, Punk seems to have won the war of words (and limbs).

    Video at

    THAT SON OF A! Hating on my metsies!
  2. Here's a pic of the pitch


    Love it that Heyman was there.
  3. CM Punk seems like he would be terrible at sports.
  4. It does look like he's throwing like a girl, just sayin'
  5. He grew up a nerd, not an athlete.
  6. So he put the Mets down and still wore their jersey? Wouldn't a real heel wear the opposing team's jersey?
  7. Heyman's eyes suggest me a great perversion... :ksi:
  8. I know lol. I thought that part was a little silly.
  9. He's a Cubs fan, probably just jealous that the Mets > Cubs.
  10. Mets = Cubs

    poop = poop
  11. [​IMG] >>>> [​IMG]
  12. I meant in 2013
  13. I know, just wanted to put up that pic of Hernandez :gusta:
  14. Mets have won two ws though :obama:

    EDIT: Seen you said 2013. :true:
  15. All in all being a Cubs fan would be the worst. You have to really enjoy being miserable to root for that club.
  16. Perfect team for Punk to root for! lmfao
  17. Yea he deserves the Cubs :laugh:
  18. I love CM Punk now. x3
  19. Because he threw out the first pitch for the mets?
  20. No because he sung the chorus of 22 by Taylor Swift
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