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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dat Kid, Aug 17, 2013.

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  1. I want to travel some time eventually, get out of my hemisphere. I've really only been to places around the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. I decided to google some places and then finally decided to google "the best place in the world", not just for vacationing, the best place in the world, period.

    On the first page I didn't find anything that said specifically that, so I thought it might be interesting to here what you guys think is the Best Place in the World.
  2. If its just for some traveling I would recommend a trip through Scandinavia. There are some insanely beautiful vistas available in our landscapes. New Zealand is also said to be extremely beautiful and it has everything from desert to cold winter climates.
  3. Bora Bora. Going there soon.
  4. From places I've been;

    Aswan Dam - Egypt
    So relaxing, and it was quite a sight as well.

    Valley of the Kings - Egypt
    I've always been interested in ancient Egypt and it was the most fascinating experience of my life to date. Got a chance to see Tutankhamun's actual body just a few month before it was moved to the Cairo museum. That was really strange seeing that. Just looked like it was burnt but you could make everything out :dafuq:

    The Burj Khalifa, you can only go to like 80% to the top, but the view is honestly insane. Feels like your standing on top of the world.

    Sahara Desert
    Not as great as the others but definitely the most relaxing, or not, if you go dune buggying... which you should...

    I've always wanted to go to China, specifically HK for the technology. Oh, and the great wall of china.
    Also wanted to go a remote island in the pacific somewhere, dunno why. Just to see real tribes and shit.
  5. This might just be me but I am interested in taking a trip to the UK and Ireland to see some of your old medieval castles and such. I have an interest in that sort of thing.

    Also: Le Mont Saint-Michel in France.
  6. Malaysia is a stunning country was lucky enough to go to the national park there, and i stayed overnight in accommodation that was close by to the mountains. They are also some of the nicest people i have met as they do not have the luxuries we have.
  7. Haven't been to either yet but I would say Greece and New Zealand would be two of the best places imo.
    Greece (open)



    New Zealand (open)


  8. Have you been to Wisconsin this time of year? Magnificent.
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  9. Prague - cheap everything loads of shit going on and loads of other people from around the world there travelling as well.
    Amsterdam - Don't even need to explain why this place is good
  10. Hard for me to say as I despise holidays where I go to relax, I need a thrill amd I have to be doing something at all times while I'm there instead of relaxing or I get horribly bored, so for me, my favorite place in the world by far is Orlando, Florida, Islands of Adventure is something else and it has countless thrill rides to occupy me, going to Porta Ventura on Monday which will literally just be rollercoasters for 5 days straight. Not sure what your definition of best place in the world is so if it's thrills and purely having a laugh, Orlando takes it hands down every time.

    Granted it's in the US though so sorry. Porta Ventura in Spain is basically the same thing if you want to get out of the US.
  11. I'm gonna advertise my own country here. :emoji_wink:) BORACAY! :emoji_slight_smile:)
  12. Lmao
  13. I've always dug Austria[​IMG]

    Are you shittin me? SIgn me up.
  14. The Hill of Tara in Meath is pretty beatiful but I haven't been too enough places to say it's the best place in the world.
  15. Meath? :walter:
  16. Yes Meath,the Hill of Tara is an archaeological complex that runs between Navan and Dunshaughlin in County Meath.
  17. Just making a Breaking Bad joke dude. :urm:
  18. it because Meath is kinda almost spellt kinda like meth?
  19. Yes
  20. I guess that was a bad joke...that was broken...I'll...leave:downer:
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