Best places to watch RoH?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Crayo, Oct 2, 2012.

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  1. Is there a place or channel where RoH is uploaded every week that we can advertise so users who want to get into it won't have any trouble?
  2. I have it on Fox on Sunday's.
  3. BollyRulez has links to most of their shows. They have most wrestling actually
  4. This for their weeklies, and torrents for their iPPVs and DVD shows.
  5. Been planning on getting into RoH, though apparently they are shit under Cornette so that's put me off slightly.
  6. Watch PWG and CHIKARA instead, or if you want ROH really bad, there's always the awesomeness called Adam Cole.
  7. JoeRulz would it be possible for you to supply links to watch those as well?

    Going to make a sticky in this section. Thanks man.
  8. Can't link it just like that, just go to XWT and sites like that.

    Ooooor, if you wan to go by legal route, go to Smart Mark Video or Highspots for shipping and/or digital downloads. It's cool.
  9. ^ I like HighSpots.

    As for watching RoH, I just watch through their website. They have where you can sign up free, and then you can watch the weekly shows online every Thursday. Works for me.
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